Day 8/9: Rough & Tumble in Bucaresti

The reason I didn’t write yesterday is because I realised that we did very, very little.

At around 17:00, after watching a good ol’ Wes Anderson, we decided to leave the apartment, and head to a bar suggested to us by Ana — Interbelic. Now, for anyone visiting Bucharest, I think it’s well worth checking this place out. It wouldn’t be out of place in Shoreditch, but cocktails come in at around half the price, and my God are they good.

The cocktail had ginger beer in it, so was pretty amazing.

Once we’d had a drink there to wake us up, we decided to do a bit of late night/snow fall sight seeing before Patch’s arrival.

We’ve decided that Bucharest is pretty nice in the snow, and after waking up this morning decided to take full advantage of it. First things first though, I needed some snow proof boots.

Having checked online for our nearest shoe shop, we braved -6 temperatures to get to a Puma outlet, around a 30 min walk from our apartment.

The Puma outlet was not there anymore.

So instead, we found what would be a TK Maxx and found some pretty beautiful boots for myself there…

These were as cheap as they came

So having bought warm, waterproof boots, we decided to do a touch more sightseeing.

This is when we came across the Romanian Athenaeum (a sort of Romania answer to the Royal Albert Hall.

Beautiful in the snow

As you may be able to tell from the picture, Doug and I realised that there was nice piazza at the front, which was caked in snow. What started as a friendly snowman building exercise quickly turned in to full on snow fighting, followed by wrestling. Doug won the first round, I managed to best him in the second, but not without casualties. My legs were absolutely freezing, and a packet of cigarettes were crushed. It was worth it.

Cold and ready for more violence.

Following these bitter battles, we decided to head back to the flat, picking up ingredients for meatballs on the way (we still have a load of rice from our peasant stew). Once home, we cooked our dish, drank some beer, and now it’s time for sleeps. Patch arrives tomorrow and we need to be on good form. Apparently.

Bonus pic:

A small church with a nice tower.