Print by Toyokuni Utagawa III depicting the Kabuki play Shibaraku, 1858

I grew up in Lucknow, India. Once, in 5th grade, when I was at the movies, I spotted my English teacher, Ma’am Bunny, at the box office. I froze, then stuttered my way to a “Good afternoon, Ma’am.”

I ran to my mom, screaming “Ma, ma … Ma’am Bunny watches movies!!” It was a revelatory moment: my teachers had a life outside school.

Of course they did! What was I thinking, if my teachers weren’t in school, they were wearing a cape and fighting crime somewhere?

Or did I think they were like chessmen? The school took them out of…

Words of Willem De Kooning on a wall in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Credit

If you have logged in to your Padlet account recently, you’ve probably read about the changes we have made. If you haven’t, never mind. I’m here to list them, tell you why we have made them, and answer some questions that were asked on Twitter immediately following the announcement.

What’s changing?

Previously, Padlet had a free plan which didn’t really have a name, and a paid plan, called Jetpack. Both plans had unlimited padlets. Jetpack users got extra features like search, premium wallpapers, themes, cross-platform video, stats, better support, and custom domains.

We have changed that a bit. We now have Padlet…

Dear Hitman,

Like all parents, my parents wanted me to be good. But growing up in a lower-middle-class household in an old neighbourhood in Lucknow, India, it was hard to justify being good: our leaders were corrupt; our cricket team wasn’t winning much; my good parents had to toil every day while scumbags did well; and in day-to-day interactions the seemingly successful people were rude, dishonest, and greedy. It was hard growing up believing: be good and you’ll win.

There was one person, though, who was good and also the champion of the world: Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

You never…

Stationed on the West Coast of the United States, flanked by the blue hues of the Pacific Ocean, is a city that’s home to some of the greatest companies in the world. 700 miles south of that is San Francisco.

I moved to San Francisco two years ago to work for a startup called Padlet. I love it here. It’s like being in Hollywood, but with less-good-looking people. You have the celebs, you have the scandals, you have the media frenzy. My friends back home are full of questions:

“Is it fun?”

“You think I should look for a job…

Nitesh Goel

Founder, Padlet.

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