My vote?

Ok, let me confess that this debate did it for me — I, a self-proclaimed non-partisan and a moderate if at all there was one, feel like I should voice on the current candidacy. My preferred chosen one, to be exact — Hillary Clinton. Here are my basic, not so politically driven rationale points, none of these, I remind you, new or surprising.

First, she is academically qualified — I mean, she after all is a graduate of two prestigious schools, Wellesley College and Yale Law School. I would like a well-educated person as my President and Commander-in-chief, no question.

Second, she does have experience of a seasoned politician. One glance at her resume will note that her entire career has been in politics, in addition to various political offices, serving as a U.S. Senator of New York for many years and resigning by choice to become the U.S. secretary of state during President Obama’s first term in office. She has lived and breathed in the White House, eight years as the first lady, and may be for another eight — if stars and American citizens line up. She showed the world, that the first lady can be more charged with real issues than picking interior décor. She was part of the inquiry staff of the infamous Watergate Scandal. She, albeit unsuccessfully, lead the Health Care Reform way back in the 1990s. Seems like a good foundation to be a President, to me.

Third and most, I have come to admire her as a woman, a mother and a person. There is indeed no other woman in the U.S. that I can relate to for the voice she projects for all women — despite, all the names (bad ones, that is) she collects from media. She is a mother after all having raised a successful daughter and a wife who loyally stood by the wrongdoings of her spouse, good, bad or indifferent. Facts reveal the efforts towards childcare and women’s rights stemming from her own passion, whether it be adoption, foster care, safe families, and violence against women. She is smart and witty — one only needs to recount the first debate this week to attest to the vast expanse of her knowledge of policy and issues, global or domestic, where she destroyed her opponent. She has authored many writings, a book “It Takes a Village” even bagging the coveted Grammy in 1997, for Best Spoken Word Album. I think that surpasses my mark on a person’s “coolness”, and certainly one that I would elect as a President.

Granted, she does have flaws — now who doesn’t? That she was once a Republican, who campaigned for Goldwater in the 1960s, is not a trivial matter, but has stayed solidly on the democratic earth ever since is forgivable. Being in the midst of the infamous FBI investigation on the classified, confidential top secret emails sent over an un-preferred email server while holding public office does contribute to lack of apparent straightforwardness and carelessness on her part. My hope — always room for improvement.

My vote? No surprise, is there?