Amma’s majige huLi

Amma makes brilliant majige huLi.

maJige hulu is a traditional south indian dish served with rice,a must when we have our festivals and stuff. But in my maternal home it is a regular thing making its apperance atleast once a week with menthya bath (fenugreek spiced rice) or some palya, since it is also one of Appa’s favourites.

I’m not particularly partial to it, I like my huLi’s and gojju’s but there was some leftover ladies-finger in my fridge and bored of our usual saaru palya dinner, i managed to coax Amma to show me how she makes the most amazing majige-huli.

So this is how Amma does it.

Prep(majige-huLi for 4)

  1. Soak kadle-bele (chana dal) for half an hour or in hot water for sometime.(1 tablespoon)
  2. Grate fresh coconut( Amma doesnt put much, 3 tablespoons max).
  3. Prep the veggie ( fry the ladies-finger, cook the ash-gourd( 3/4 cooked would be good).
  4. In a small teaspoon of ghee fry 4 green chilles,1 guntur chilli,2 spoons of jeerige( Dont fry too much, just for 1 min max) + the soaked chana dal.
  5. Grind all the stuff in step 4 + fresh coconut+ fresh coriander leaves + hing(asofetedia — potent spice) + also add in some raw mustard seeds just before grinding.
  6. Your spice mix is ready in step 5.
  7. Add in the mysterious spice mix in step 5 to the cooked/fried veggie, let it stew for a while. Not for too much time (3–4 mins max)
  8. We want the majige huLi to taste little bit raw and not all cooked.
  9. Add in salt to the veggie + spice mix.
  10. Add freshly whisked curd to the cooled mixture from step 9.
  11. Serve with hot rice/mudde and also menthya soppu bath which is our family favourite.