Before the beginning,

there was nothing

Lengthways, sideways, above and below, left and right,

all was black, unformed, an unimaginable vastness of nothing.

God dwelt within this breathing space of immensity

Water was everywhere

There was no glimmer of dawn, no light.

He began to Speak, to cease being inactive.

‘’Darkness! Become a light possessing darkness!’’

And at once,

in The Vastness,

a single point of light appeared.

The RK Veda

I write this only after sharing a public invitation on FaceBook to my ex wife about an article written by Be Scofield called ‘The New Predator: Spiritual Teacher Padma Aon Prakasha,’ inviting my ex wife to engage in an open-to-the-public transparent dialogue about her accusations on FaceBook Live. After receiving no response from her, I wrote this below.

Be Scofield spoke to me on FB Phone for 2 hours, asking for my view of the alleged events she has subsequently written about. …

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‘Time and space and gravitation have no separate existence from matter. Physical objects are not in space, but these objects are spatially extended. Since the theory of general relativity implies the representation of physical reality by a continuous field, the concept of particles or material points cannot play a fundamental part.’

Albert Einstein, 1950

there is no particle-wave duality, no difference between your body and the wave that connects us all. …


Padma Aon Prakasha

Padma Aon is a wisdom author and vibrational musician merging yoga wisdom with new science to give informed, transforming experiences of The Power of Sound

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