64, 30 years a maid, loved by all and Unbanked

Padmini Gupta
May 2, 2018 · 3 min read
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I wanted to share a story of one of our customers. This is a story of a lucky migrant — one who found a caring and loving employer and has spend the last 30 years of her life working with them and taking care of three generations of the same family. She has helped her kids build strong careers for themselves and is ready to retire — but has not had the opportunity till now to save for her retirement.

Meet Erlinda

Im Erlinda Bechayda. I think I’m 64, not sure, I was born in 1952. After some time, you forget how old you are. When I moved from Manilla, Philipines I was housewife of about 40 years old. My children and mother and brother were so happy I decided to work abroad. I wanted to help my mother and brother and my children so I moved to Abu Dhabi, UAE. This was my first job, and I love this family. That’s why I decided to live my life with this family. I have been with same family for 26 years since 1990. My madam is so nice, her children are my children. Now the children have children, and they are also like mine. With them I have travel to London, Paris, Damascus, Bahrain, And I love travel — it makes me happy.

My memory of Euro Disney was my favorite because the children of my madam are so nice. I was love getting the certificate at Best Nanny Awards. I hope to be a millionaire one day also, but the certificate means a lot to me. I dream of being a millionaire. I was hoping to win. This was one of my best memories in my life.

My madam is very kind, she talks to me a lot, and about my problems she’s always help me. When my children studied my madam helped two of them come here on a visa to find work. First they worked with the family grandmother, and then worked with computers. Then she moved to another job. My sponsor helped me a lot. She helped me make my daughters with job. She’s very open and talks to me a lot. I tell my madam a lot.

I have 3 children — 1 in Philippines, 1 in Lebanon, 1 in Dubai. 1 died. My daughter is married, and doesn’t want to work in Dubai. Her husband works in a good job and she stays home in Manilla. The other daughter is chef for restaurant in Lebanon. First she came to Dubai for work, then she found job in Lebanan and likes to live there. My other daughter works in my madam’s office.

I live here so long, and supported my family. Now, I want to save, and here in UAE for those maids/nanny under employers visa is difficult to apply for a bank account. And because I worked abroad for many years.

When I hear about what Rise are providing for nannies, Im happy, I decided to apply for bank account. This is my chance to save money here. It was easy. I have chance to manage my money easily that is why I join Rise because I want to save money for my retirement soon, for some emergency expenses not only here in UAE but also with my family in Philippines. All the money that I can save on this account will help me to make my dream for a small business when I go back home to Philippines. My children are settled and happy, now time for me to return home and live my dreams.

Everything will start when you save and be positive as always.

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