How to share your Phantom 3 Standard live video to your Mac

I was wondering, is it possible to share a live video from my Phantom 3 to a second device. Imagine a situation, where you have to fly and do your job (video / photo) and you have your client on your side who wants to see the same thing as you do. There is a way — you can use your Mac screen as the second preview device. There are just few steps to follow:

  1. Connect lightning cable to your iOS device
  2. Plug in the same cable to your Mac
  3. Open QuickTime Player app on your Mac
  4. Select New Movie Recording from the main menu
  5. Choose your iOS device as your camera source
  6. BANG! — you should see a live video from your DJI GO app on your Mac

That’s it :-)

One more thing — If you have the Digital AV Lightning to HDMI Adapter you can connect your iOS device directly to another device equipped with HDMI port — like portable monitor.

Any questions?