I have a hard time believing in this rape culture, unless you count Bill Clinton and his exploits.
Dr. C. Cat

If you start off with ‘I don’t understand the Rape Culture’ then your already 1/2 way to being unable to understand the whole ball of wax. This is not simply about ‘getting drunk’ and someone taking advantage of the person. This is about the idea that ‘a man’ is entitled to have his way with a woman, regardless of the situation.

To put the shoe on the other foot, we will use a different example. How about some ‘unattractive female’ suddenly takes it into her head that your her dream guy, and begins the offensive. You have repeatedly told her no, you not interested, but she decides that “no means yes” and continues. To further this analogy, the female (who is really not unattractive, merely plain or average looking) also has a bit of an advantage, in that she is say 6'2' with slightly heavier build and is easily able to over power you physically. You don’t wish to be grabbed, or poked or prodded because she is a little bit stronger and it doesn’t feel good. Then one night you get slight intoxicated and suddenly decide to give in, because you were more intoxicated than you thought (we could even say say she slipped you a mickey that just made you all kinds of horny).

So, now are you going to blame yourself for allowing this to happen, after all you didn’t have two of your buddies to back you up, you “CHOOSE” to go drinking, You “Choose” to do the act. She was doing what was natural, she was just doing something she wanted. Think on that one for awhile.

That is what Rape Culture is about, the idea that ‘the woman’ is an object to be handled as the man pleases because; Nature. Then you might get a clue.

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