Never go to space it’s terrible omg
Leigh Alexander

We are different, and we all see the world, and the universe as something different, from our Children, from our parents, from our own cohorts and siblings.

I understand you would not want to go and to do something like this. Age is big factor. How much time/life would you be throwing away to do a venture like this. On the other hand, some of us are willing to go because we have been around, and know that if humankind sits and huddles in the corner, we will never go anywhere. Some of us have to get eaten by the beasts to give our compatriots and companions the ability to over those beasts.

There is new evidence that ‘evolution’ can be rather explosive when needed, as in a couple of generations, so there is the possibility that we can adapt as a species much faster than we might imagine. So we don’t have to cower in fear that we will never leave the planet, just that we who are born here must remain here or be eaten by the beast, but some one has to and will do it.

One should not go into space for a lark, they must be willing to face any and all issues and dangers. Interestingly enough Heinlein covered the part about ‘psychology’ of what would happen to someone born Mars. It was “A Stranger in a Strange Land”.

Many centuries ago, People could not survive long voyages into the Ocean, except with the best of luck. It was considered foolish and suicidal to go sailing over the horizon, no small boat could make it that was for sure. In the end we conquered that and expanded our horizons. It was just a matter of time.

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