Last month, Co-Creation Hub and MusicTechSpace launched the Music-Tech Innovation Challenge to find, support and assist with the development of technology solutions solving problems across four thematic areas in the Nigerian music industry. These areas include:

Digitization of music label operations (royalty management, music distribution, revenue maximization etc.)

Legal Advisory for Artists (increasing access to legal representation for artists)

Artist Management (Manager education, digitizing artist manager duties like touring, bookings etc)

Event Management (vendor management, venue locators, data management etc.)

Paga has partnered with them to become official payment partners for the challenge. This means that…

Commit messages simply record changes made to document. A good commit message must communicate the context of the changes made to the document or code base so that fellow developers could follow along. In some cases, these commit messages may need to be reworded either due to spelling errors, expanded scope of changes etc.

In this post we would be exploring how to edit your commit messages.

You can edit your commit messages using the following approach(es)

  • Appending the — amend flag to git commit.
  • Amending multiple commit using reword and edit option.


Editing the most recent commit on a…

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Cloud computing might be tricky and overwhelming to navigate, in this series I would like to explain the basic fundamentals of cloud computing.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the delivery of Information Technology resources such as compute power, application, databases and so much more over the internet. The cloud is like a virtual data center available via the internet that allows us to manage:

  • Storage services like databases.
  • Servers, Compute power, Networking.
  • Analytics, Artificial intelligence, Augmented reality.
  • Security services for data and applications.

Characteristics of the cloud

  • Pay as you go: A user only has to pay for the services or resources used. There are no…

Today, most transactions are done through online payment platforms which tend to provide security and easy use of money. Various payment platforms exist in making cashless payments possible. Amongst them is the Paga Platform. This article would help you in integrating Paga payment platform into your existing platform or solution using Paga Connect Java library.

About Paga Platform

Paga is a mobile payments company. Paga is building an ecosystem to enable people to digitally send and receive money, and creating simple financial access for everyone. …


One of the most important tools a developer should have knowledge about is Version Control Systems. It is quite essential when working on personal projects or building professional grade software applications. Version control is a critical component of today’s software development workflow, not just only that it is key in protecting and managing your source code.

The goal of this post is to give developers who are not familiar with this concept an insight into what version control is all about , the various types of version control systems and why we need to use version control in our projects.

Version Control

Integrating a payment gateway could be a lot hectic and time consuming especially when it’s libraries are not well documented or organised. Paga’s API is a lot easier to integrate. It can be used to securely collect and make payments. It is divided into three categories: Paga Connect, Business API and Merchant service. In this guide, you would discover how I integrated Paga’s payment gateway on a web app I created called EventSplash using it’s Business API library. EventSplash is a web app where event organizers schedule events for their target audience to participate. It creates a platform for people…

Last Thursday, we hosted our first-ever Developer Community event at CcHub, Lagos. The goal of the event was to iterate our commitment to the Dev community and share insights into how they can build powerful solutions by integrating Paga APIs.

Our Head Developer, Zubair Abubakar, walked attendees through the Paga API library and chaired a panel with merchants who currently use Paga to pay and get paid.

We are thrilled to announce our latest release — Paga Developer Portal.

As a frontier in mobile payments, we understand that sometimes businesses want to leverage their development expertise to build solutions and often these solutions will require a third-party integration. A part of our tech vision at Paga is to create an open ecosystem where we can engage closely with the developer community.

This is why we’ve built the Paga Developer Portal to serve as a home for passionate developers and innovators, offering a wide range of application program interfaces (APIs) for mobile and web development. …

Paga Developer Community

Empowering the developer community with innovative payment solutions

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