An intimate understanding of the Constitution of the United States is mandatory for any presidential office holder. Hillary Clinton has read it and understands it. We know for certain that Donald Trump doesn’t read and has zero curiosity about the Constitution — his only interest in it would be its value at a Christie’s auction. Mike Pence knows only one provision of this historic document — again, it’s the 25th Amendment, regarding succession by the vice-president to the presidency. Well, step away from the door, Mike, because it’s not yours to take.
The Case For Making Hillary Clinton President — And Not Mike Pence — After Trump Is Impeached
Allan Ishac

A fine example of hyperbole. You fail to mention any examples. But here’s an amusing example: Tim Kaine accuses Trump Jr. of treason in complete ignorance of the fact that the Constitution defines treason — in order to commit treason you have to collude with a country we’re at war with, and nobody’s claiming we’re not at war with anybody.

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