Strategy 1 for Destroying the Democratic Party

The Democratic Party has been in steady decline for the last ten years, and if anything, the decline is accelerating. Let us chart their progression into oblivion.

The latest Clintonist move has been to remove Bernie Sanders from consideration as a candidate for president in 2020, leaving milk toast Biden as their most likely remaining choice. Way to go Politico. And this is at a time when most Democrats and the vast majority of independents favor the idea of a third Party candidate. Of course it’s no wonder why the pillars of the Party hate Bernie. His brilliance, boundless energy, and compassion make them look like zombies.

Recently, corporatist Democrats blew $23 million losing an election to Republican candidate Karen Hande who favors eliminating the minimum wage in a poor state. And at the same time, they did little to support progressive candidates James Thompson and Rob Quist who nearly won despite being spurned by their own Party. Way to go DNC.

Last year the Democrats accomplished a first — losing to the least popular, most corrupt president in history while outspending him two to one. No one’s entirely sure how they pulled this off, but they certainly couldn’t have done it without Hillary Clinton’s brilliant Pied Piper strategy in which she encouraged the very news organizations that were donating to her campaign to provide 24/7 coverage for Donald Trump. This achievement capped major losses in both Houses, besting even their dismal 2014 record.

Speaking of 2014, the decisive shellacking they earned was itself something of a record breaker. It came at a time when the public had had it with Republican meanness and were strongly in favor of the traditional values the Party had always stood for. Many Party leaders collaborated to avoid success, but one Speaker Pelosi stands out. Her website,, managed to avoid advocacy on virtually every major issue the public stood for, as you can see from a look at the archived website. Along with Vic Pilkington, I did a survey of public sentiment at the time and compared it to what I could find at Here’s what I found:

So what will be the fitting climax to the Democratic Party’s unfolding tragedy? Will they rival the senility of King Lear? Or the dark insanity of Macbeth? Grab the popcorn, kick back, and enjoy the show! It’s hard to imagine a better strategy for destroying the Party than to let the Party leaders themselves do the heavy lifting. They’re an invaluable well tested, proven asset.