Only the Democratic Party Can Save America Now

This is a great article, all except for the title and the ending. First of all, talking about “liberals feeling smug with their many marches” betrays a sad ignorance. The word “liberal” has been a dirty word at least since the Vietnam war. We’re progressives and radicals. And where do you get off calling us smug anyway, Brian Frydenborg?

And what’s with your linking to Bill Maher’s red herrings about “boutique issues”? Marching to stop the next mass extinction is a boutique issue? Marching to counter the subjugation of women is a boutique issue? The scientists’ march to counter Trump’s many anti-science agendas is a boutique issue? Seriously, Brian Frydenborg?

Finally, the claim in the title that only the Democratic Party can save us is unsupported in the body of the article. And it’s quite obviously false. Have you not heard Nancy Pelosi’s response to the Party’s unstoppable eleven year decline: “I don’t think people want a new direction”? Sadly, Bernie’s observation that their leaders just want first class seats on the Titanic is right on the money. And his observation that “what is clear to anyone who looks at where the Democratic Party today is that the model of the Democratic Party is failing” is extremely well informed, to say the least. Well hello Brian Frydenborg!

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