Caring for Leather Garments

Italian Lambskin Suede in Noir/Black

The most common questions we hear from customers concern cleaning and caring for their leather apparel. It therefore makes sense for our first blog post to cover best practices for protecting your Page Thirty garment from everyday damage, and tips for keeping it wearable for many seasons.

Frankie Bomber Jacket in Lambskin
Emerson Bolero in Lambskin Suede

Lambskin or Suede. Knowing the type of leather used for your garment is the first step in caring for it. Check product descriptions before doing any type of treatment.

Rain or Snow. If you plan to wear your Page Thirty jacket around town (and we hope that you do), you can expect your garment to occasionally come face-to-face with Mother Nature. Pre-treating your leather outerwear with a waterproof leather spray can provide some protection from moisture. If and when your garment does get a little wet, hang it properly and let it air dry naturally.

Spills. If you spill liquid on your garment, be sure to blot it with a clean cloth. Do not rub the liquid into the leather.

Cleaning. We strongly recommend taking leather garments to a leather cleaning specialist to be professionally cleaned. If spot cleaning leather and lambskin garments, you may lightly wipe the area with a clean damp cloth. If spot cleaning any type of suede garments, you may use a gentle suede brush.

Restoring. Leather cleaning specialists can embellish and give new life to leather garments by ironing them at a low temperature with a satin protection layer.

Wrinkles. Simply hanging leather garments will allow light wrinkles to loosen. For deep-set wrinkles, we recommend having it ironed by a leather cleaning specialist.

Storage. When storing leather garments, use a breathable garment bag. You may also consider using the right shape of hanger to maintain its shape.

Things to avoid:
Never dry leather garments in a dryer.
- Never leave leather garments in the sun. This can cause fading.
- Never store leather garments in plastic garment bags. Leather needs to breathe, and plastic can cause it to dry and crack.
- We do not recommend using leather conditioner or polish on our products.
- Though commonly used for suede products like shoes, do not use mink oil on our suede products as it may leave permanent stains.

Following the above steps can help extend the life of your Page Thirty leather garment, however it is important to understand the nature of leather if you’re expecting a product to be in perfect condition. Minor color variations or minor wrinkles in a new product are common. Also, gentle signs of wear can be expected, such as slight stretching over time. These are aspects of leather apparel that make it timeless and perfectly yours.

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