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This morning, I took a Jump bike to my office in San Francisco. As I write this, an Uber driver in Bangkok is taking a customer home on a tuk-tuk; a busy family in Birmingham has ordered dinner on Uber Eats; and commuters in Denver are holding train tickets purchased on Uber Transit. There is even a decent chance that you’re reading this while taking an Uber.

As Uber’s products scale and our portfolio expands, the landscape of variables and locales that we design for also evolves. …

Reflecting on the finer points of a new photo app

Motion Stills is an application from Google released in June, which brings your Live Photos back to life with advanced stabilization and rendering. After using the app for a few months (and working on its development), here are my thoughts on its most noteworthy features.

Magic & Simplicity

Motion Stills is what you call an oxymoron: a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction.

The tension between the terms “motion” and “still” produces something magical, where things are moving and immobile at the same time. …

Marco Paglia

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