The Decent White Woman Who Voted For Trump.
Elizabeth Grattan

It is my contention that middle road Americans are ALWAYS the voters who elect a president. They commit based on message and the have no undying allegiance to either party. Some people of this ilk will declare as a Republican or Democrat but in truth the are deliberately fickle politically. They elected Trump and if women went along with his nonsense they are simply part of a larger demographic. So yes, lots of decent women voted for Mr. T. But it took a whole lot more than that segment of voters to get him through. I get it. Women voting for Trump is akin to playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun. And they deserve the scorn you have heaped in them. But they share the blame for his election and don’t deserve the entire responsibility. Regardless of that it will always remain a mystery to me why any women would vote for an awful person like him.