Hi Peter! I read your story with interest, as I’m an ex developer myself.
Paul Pela

Hi Paul,

Many thanks for taking the time to get in touch.

In terms of measuring, I took a few approaches:

  1. Maintained a spreadsheet — this was essentially a log of when and what I spent my time on. I was always mindful to keep this on the pessimistic side, so if I’d spent an hour on a task, I’d record it as 40 mins.
  2. GitHub Activity — I made sure that whatever project/course I was working on I set up a corresponding GitHub repo and made regular commits. This provided a good visual indication of my progress over time, which I found both rewarding and inspiring.
  3. WakaTime — I came across this product towards the end the time frame my story is centered on and used it to quantify my coding on a weekly basis. I wish I’d found this sooner, as I’d have a larger data set to dig into now.

I hope this is helpful. I’m also intrigued by your transition from developer to designer. I’m very much a product person and like to straddle the two disciplines where circumstances allow.

How did you go about making the switch? Did you undertake any particular courses/training that you would recommend to developers seeking to improve their UI/UX design skills?

Kind regards,