Fat shaming is not wrong

Recently I found articles and videos about fat law in Japan, after a bit of research found that in Japan if your waistline is above a certain limit, you have to go through counseling. Then I found out that Japan even penalises companies whose employees are fat. Immediately many people rushed their opinions blaming Japan and others were not that hurt but didn’t support Japan decision.

It’s one of the topics that bother me when I read ludicrous rants written by some SJW or feminist online. Before saying anything, I am technically not fit and I have been slightly overweight for some months in the past two years.

My body’s journey with its fat only began 3 years ago. Before that I used to be very skinny. During early teenage I was absorbed by the charm of having abs and for some period I did have good looking abs but not much muscle overall. Later there was no chance of even eating enough food to exercise as I had to spend 4 years of my youthful life in what I consider worst part of my life, yet. I stayed in hostels of NIT Rourkela, during this period, anything close to a tasteful meal is considered as a luxury you cannot even pay to get, not just by me but most of the pupils who stayed in those hostels.

Anyway as I came out of that phase, I entered the metropolitan of Bengaluru, filled with restaurants with world’s best dishes from various cuisines and nobody could stop me eating more and more and more… I was like a food starved kid from underdeveloped nation suddenly found everything he can eat. Obviously, when you eat something like that, you’ll get excess fat. I am trying to justify my laziness for not doing enough exercise but there’s another excuse too, the busy schedule of a software developer. It’s not like I didn’t try, I did try, different methods of exercise even, but the habit always broke when I get interruptions.

You could say that I always admired exercising and keeping fit, maybe it’s hereditary. But keeping your health in line, wanting to be able to live on your own when you are older is better than being lazy and reckless throughout your life. Which is why I support fat shaming and I will explain why I support it too.

But coming to the present, I still do have a bit of fat on my belly, but it’s unnoticeable when I’m clothed. I’m still trying to lose that even, but as of today I don’t think I’m fit enough. So how did I loose my weight, you may ask. Well one of the major reason was fat shaming, by my friends, my parents, my ex-boss and myself even. I was ashamed of looking out of proportion, unfit, ugly, irresponsible, reckless. It wasn’t as bad as some people, but I was not looking as I thought I would when I get a job and earn my money. As a child I always dreamed of growing up, working hard and earning my own money, having a fit body among other things.

Yes, it’s not easy as said but people who were three times my size has done it so why can’t I. I think one of the biggest reason when people pack more fat than they should happens when one takes one’s weight for granted, they consider the amount of fat as normal among other people around them. When I just joined a daily full time job, many people I see in my industry are usually busy with their life everyday and they cared very less about their own health. Besides ‘we just started earning enough to enjoy life, so fuck life and all that’ attitude.

So when it became okay to have some fat, you eat more than you think you can, you like the recklessness and laziness of it and though some might call you fat you don’t feel ashamed, nor do you want to change yourself for better. Slowly you grow more and more and you keep comparing yourselves with fatter people and it turns into a vicious circle. Then you might realise that you are not looking normal enough but you cannot control your diet. If you take someone calling fat positively and sportively and use it change yourselves, yes it is possible to change yourself.

Besides you have to realise that you are eating unnecessarily. For a bloke the required calories per day is 2,500Kcal and for a woman that’s 2,000Kcal. It depends on types, but your usual big pizza is 3,500Kcal as they say. I know, what you might think, diet is not just counting calories but you have to eat all kinds of stuff needed by your body, yes true, but it doesn’t mean eat a big whole pizza for lunch and drink a big smoothie cause smoothie is good for you. Then for dinner eat a big chicken burger and finish it off with salad because salad is good for you. It doesn’t work like that.

What if I don’t eat anything a whole day and just shove anything edible into my mouth for dinner? Haha, that won’t work as well. When you are not eating anything for the whole day, your body knows that you’re fasting and saves energy, it runs in kind of ‘battery saving mode’ in your phone. When you eat more at night you’re just eating more. Eat less, but eat everything. And don’t eat if you’re not hungry. Fat will just run away.

Anyway who am I to advise your diet, I’m not even qualified for that. But after months of trying to control my fat, avoiding chicken and eating fish/prawns instead, trying to exercise whenever I can, I did lose enough weight. And I think a good part of that motivation is inspired from fat shaming and I’m not offended or ashamed of it.

You might say, “This is all well and good but what if I don’t care about my health. I don’t care when I die. I just want to eat, it’s my money, what’s your problem?”. I do have a problem sir/madam. When you arrogantly shove that food down your throat, just think of a kid who is not privileged enough for basic food in an underdeveloped country or even a developing country. I’m not saying you should stop eating immediately and find a hungry homeless kid to feed. But that food you are consuming has gone through so much of process from so many places, which is driving today’s food industry. Because you’re preveleged.

And it’s stopping at you, you are consuming it and converting into fat and moving around like a big blob using more resources everywhere. You’re consuming more fuel to travel, you’re consuming more and more food to keep yourself happy. They say the food wasted in USA or excess food eaten in USA is enough to feed many people in some african countries and it is probably true, I never checked the facts. But you and people like you are dragging us, a progressing civilisation down.

An efficient system like Japan, would use much less resources overall. And every engineer likes an efficient system, so do I.

Then, there are these other people who say, fat people are going through enough depression we should not hurt them we should be supportive of them. You’re just making it worse for them. Yes counselings' by experts would help. But ‘don’t call me fat just because I’ll get hurt even though I’m fat' is a stupid excuse, grow up. Yes I understand food is addictive, you cannot stop eating food, yes it happens, but you have to work your way out of it. Interestingly enough, alcohol is addictive and bad for your health too. Though it’s not as bad as overeating, drinking over a limit is frowned upon and has counseling for addicts at least in some countries. It is obviously an addiction much like drinking, which will kill you in long term, though short term you might enjoy doing it. Of course you need food daily basis, but you don’t need to overeat daily.

If you see eating and overeating as two separate habits, then overeating is almost as dangerous as alcohol. Also drinking very less alcohol daily is supposedly good for health.

Much like alcohol, human body is not capable of dealing with excessive fat. Human body, did not yet evolve to that point. We were hunter gathers only until ~ 12,000 years ago. Even until industrial revolution our bodies are used to working hard for agriculture. Why inject yourself with so much more than you can handle and get offended when somebody points it out.

I frankly hate people who get offended when they are being called fat. I hate people who suggest it’s wrong to call people fat. I once saw a person lose their job, because of calling someone fat on twitter, and because social justice warriors created an idiotic outrage campaign. Half of them probably don’t even realise what they were doing. Just simply following the crowd. Fucking idiots! If you read the whole post and still think fat shaming is wrong, if you can put your points together and write an argument, please do. If you hate me, please continue hating. If you like the article share with someone else.