“why are you so scared about heights, common, it’ll be fine, I promise, trust me” she’s trying to convince him for the last time, if he says ‘no’ this time I’ll just fucking kill him and go on my own, she thought.

“the uncertainty” he said, hesitatingly but trying not to look too scared

“the what?”

“well, you’re not sure, are you? When you’re at height, anything can happen, you can’t control the free fall, you can fall anywhere, you can hit anything, you may die you may live you may..”

“look I’m tired, I really want to go and you agreed that you’ll come with me”

“ya, but..”

“but what?”


“coming then?”

“well, okay, I’ll”

“aaaaw, love youuuuu” she hugs him, like she just found her teddy bear, “I know you’ll come with me in the end”

He thinks ‘god, she’s amazing, scary sometimes, but amazing'

“let’s do it then”

They both jump off the cliff, it’s the 10th sucide this week on this cliff. Apparently this is the only couple sucide.