88 Secrets for Healthy Living

1. Say a morning Prayer

2. Start your day with 1 glass of plain water

3. Decide to be happy today

4. Go for a pre-breakfast walk

5. Quit smoking

6. Have a healthy breakfast every morning

7. Laughter is the best medicine

8. Spend time in a garden

9. Take responsibilities for your emotions

10. Practise a healthy diet

11. Plan ahead

12. Take a deep breath. It calms the mind

13. Walk 10,000 steps daily

14. Eat regular meals

15. Sing in the shower

16. Maintain a healthy weight

17. Listen to your body

18. Include a variety of wholegrain in your healthy diet

19. Talk to your neighbours

20. Don’t gossip

21. See all relationship as fruitful

22. Eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables

23. Keep a healthy perspective on work problems

24. Exercise 5 times weekly

25. Keep a sense of humour

26. Eat a variety of nutrient-rich foods and take high quality nutritional supplement

27. Surround yourself in positive image

28. Avoid alcohol and narcotics

29. Be kind to yourself

30. Focus on quality source of protein

31. Don’t compare your life to others

32. Write down your worries

33. Think positive

34. Never skip meals

35. Settle a quarrel before bedtime

36. Go for regular medical check-ups

37. Forgive everyone

38. Enjoy healthy fats and avoid unhealthy fats

39. Give yourself a present on your birthday

40. Watch a comedy

41. Learn your natural sleep cycle

42. Eat to live, not live to eat

43. Let music fill your heart

44. Discover the benefits of massage

45. Tape a list of goals to your computer

46. Drink at least 8 glasses of plain water daily

47. Don’t try to resolve everything in a day

48. Never take work to bed

49. Be kind and courteous to your family

50. Downsize your portions

51. Play gentle music quietly in your bedroom

52. Sleep 6–8 hours daily

53. Make time for laughter

54. Limit sugar and salt intake

55. Accept change

56. Grow your own vegetables

57. See life as a journey, not a destination

58. Cut down on processed foods

59. Cultivate positive challenges

60. Do a few exercise during TV and breaks

61. Manage your stress level

62. Grill, steam, bake and broil your food instead of frying

63. Go on a mini-retreat for just one day

64. Take up dancing or a team sport

65. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone

66. Avoid all-you-can-eat buffet

67. Create positive self-image on the screen of your mind

68. Practise safe sex

69. Enjoy your meal with friends whenever possible

70. Stop eating before you are full

71. Time heals almost everything. Give time, time

72. Do some gardening

73. You don’t have to win every argument, agree to disagree

74. Reduce, but don’t deny food treats

75. Write reviews of your most pleasurable experiences

76. Climb the stairs at work instead of taking elevator

77. Cross a bridge from a problem to a solution

78. Take time to chew your food, relishing every mouthful

79. Don’t take yourself so seriously. No one else does

80. Write a “have done” list

81. Find a sliver lining in every cloud

82. Eat half a handful of unsalted nuts

83. Give yourself the time and space to enjoy life

84. Mix your exercise to prevent boredom

85. See the light at the end of the tunnel

86. Reduce caffeine intake

87. Keep your promises

88. Go to bed early