[note] upload server certificate via CLI to AWS

If you need to attach custom SSL certificate for ELB or CloudFront, it’s pretty easy to upload your SSL credentials via AWS CLI:

you got response like this

"ServerCertificateMetadata": {
"ServerCertificateId": "{CertificateId}",
"ServerCertificateName": "{CertificateName}",
"Expiration": "{ExpirationTime}",
"Path": "/",
"Arn": "arn:aws:iam::{aws_account_id}:server-certificate/{certificate_name}",
"UploadDate": "2016-04-10T03:00:34.402Z"

It will be immediately available for AWS ELB and AWS CloudFront to attach, but unfortunately you can not attach it to AWS API Gateway for Custom Domain Name, neither can it be managed by AWS Certificate Manager. They do need some integration across those services.

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