The Concept, Vision and Development of the PaidThru Exchange.

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As the creator of this project, I felt the best way to help you understand my vision, is by understanding the history behind it and how it came to be reality.


I had 2 paper routes, when I was 10. The money I made, was used to buy toys that I felt were undervalued at yard sales. Once a month, I offered my own yard sale, where I sold the same toys, at a marked up price. Ive been an entrepreneur my entire life.


Multiple startups, Business Management, along with Digital Marketing Strategies and Sales.


In my early 20’s , I was extremely serious about my physical fitness. I enjoyed the discipline and mental strength that it required. As a frequent ‘gym goer’, it didn’t take long to notice the costs associated for Personal Training Services.

I also became aquatinted with others who had similar interests and were breaking ground in Fitness. As I began to watch their early success, I decided to jump in and start my own business in the industry. I left a very secure full time job in order to do so.

I felt that this could be a great way to be my own boss, do something that I loved and make a decent living in the process. This is when I started Flynn Fitness Solutions.

My first taste of business & marketing began in the early 2000’s in downtown Toronto. I used all my money that I had, to create a postcard & mail it to EVERYONE who lived in a condo. The new condos in Toronto were equipped with gyms that allowed myself to freelance in clients gyms, while carrying 0 overhead in doing so.

WATCH iPod Video Workout Video (2007)

This video also shows one of the condo gyms I frequently worked from. I would also like to remind you, in 2007 iPod Video was new and selling digital files, was not a picnic.


After years of running an independent freelance service, I was ready to grow my business into a studio with equipment. I started with a 400 Square foot loft that I also lived in.

Loft Sudio to Commercial Space

A few years later I expanded into a 1600 square foot space in a commercial plaza and re-invested by creating a professional studio with brand new equipment.



A few years later, I expanded for the final time, this time into a 6500 square foot facility. This process included renovating the space and purchasing a lot more equipment ($$) to create the facility and space that I had visioned. It also involved a new way to manage business with the increase of members, staff and the way the facility was run, including programs and paperwork that I had to adapt & create.


EXPENSES!! With a larger space comes A LOT more overhead to cover. The solution was to increase membership and the process to achieve this is through Marketing.

Unfortunately, marketing is a MASSIVE expense, yet absolutely necessary, in order to succeed. Digital Marketing can be extremely frustrating for numerous reasons.


2012. It was during this time I began to come up with the concept of The PaidThru Exchange, due to frustrations with digital marketing.

During this time, I began using a marketing strategy for advertising that lead to the initial idea for the PaidThru Exchange. I just didn’t know it yet…

The frustration was with the amount I was spending on sponsored ads vs the value/engagements that I was receiving in return.

I decided a more sensible approach would be to offer my products and services for free, in the form of a giveaway. Winners were drawn randomly from engagements made on posts through social media. It was also a great way to give back to the community that supports my business. This process worked really well as peopleLOVE FREE stuff. This method provided a true understanding for the value an online user has to offer.



Many businesses fail to understand or realize the importance of their community and this is an incredibly large mistake. Also important is a ensuring the community remains happy and is provided with an outstanding product or service that is of value to them.

Too much attention & emphasis is placed on followers and this mistake leads to business focusing their resources in the wrong areas(i.e purchasing fake followers) Its organic growth and engagements through a supportive community that will quickly take a business to the next level.

This photo is an example of my point. My highest priority with my Health Club was ensuring that I provided a quality program/service.

In return, my community received value and were happy with the service they were provided. The same concept is applied to The PaidThru Exchange in a desire to provide value and opportunities to all who use it.

The PaidThru Exchange is built on this understanding in order to provide a sensible method to easily achieve community growth with ideal consumers.


The power of this method was overwhelming and extremely effective. I received record number of engagements online but I was also quickly building an online community that fully supported my business and sales reflected this.

There is nothing more valuable than an online community so the ability to invest back directly with the customer, is a logical and more sensible way in attaining organic growth.

It made me look at the big picture and the opportunities that could be available globally, via the internet for the value online users provide. This is how the vision for the PaidThru Exchange began.


n 2016, PaidThru Exchange Ltd was legally registered. I purchased domains, set up social media accounts & started talking with reputable development companies that could bring my vision to reality.

Registration of Domain, Jan 2016.


I always felt there was tremendous value with online users & communities that support a business, brand or influencer & that the sensible method to connect would be to invest directly in the consumer.

I visioned an ecosystem that would easily connect online users with their ideal business, brand, entrepreneurs, retailers to exchange both goods and service. This would provide benefit & value for both the business & consumer.

Online users should get paid for the valuable services they provide. There just hasn’t been a way to allow for this and most online users are completely unaware of the value they actaully possess . I wanted to change that.

What made sense , would be for Business to invest in the value their consumers provide to them, in return, those same consumers now have more money to purchase the goods and services they’ll discover/connect with


Unfortunately, I am not a Developer.

It took 1 year to create a blueprint from my vision so that a Professional Team could begin Development. A lot of time was spent structuring the interworking, in order to continuously benefit the user through the key areas of the platform and connect it all in a sensible manner. This wasn't easy.

1 Year To Map out Vision to submit for Development

The best way to describe this process from Vision to Development is to relate it to a previous business experience of creating a gym from scratch.

With 6500square feet of empty space, I visioned and designed a blue print. This process was exhausting, time staking but carefully thought out. Attention to detail was required in order to create a space that would run efficiently in all areas. The only way to accomplish this was through extensive planning and professional help.

I required architects, engineers, contractors, framers, dry wallers, plumbers, electricians, gym owners, who all provided to the project and helped turn the vision into reality and it couldn’t have happened without their help.

The same is true with this project. I fully understand the vision for the PaidThru exchange and what I want to accomplish. I’ll need to work with talented people in order to bring the full vision to life & thats one of the many things I hope to achieve with the ICO.


I wanted an ecosystem with the ability to evolve & grow with advancement of technology while being mindful of familiarities to the common online user.

BlockChain for the Real World describes this project as the platform provides a seamless transition for anyone to easily start using Blockchain Technologies and not even realize it. I wanted it to feel extremely user friendly, while providing knowledge of basics (deposit/withdrawal & understanding basics)

The $PAID Token was created out of necessity for its purpose, specifically for the PaidThru Exchange. The primary focus of this project remains in the Development of the PaidThru Exchange. This includes the integration & functionality of the PAID Token in conjunction with the Exchange.

The Token is required to provide unique function, added value, rewards and low fees for all members of the Exchange. The supply is a reflection of its purpose. The value may increase or decrease through volume/exchange of the Token, occurring in the Exchange and that is the primary objective. If this ocurrs, it will provide a stable price movement that is dictated by volume, members and overall growth of the Exchange.

Priority #1 has and always will be Community.


The PaidThru Exchange is built off the entire PaidThru concept of compensating online user for their value offered.

Engagements for $100 directly To PaidThru Community

May 2018, I began a marketing strategy to start building the PaidThru Community by providing giveaways as examples of what the future platform will provide (PaidThru Social)

This is one of many examples that can be found on PaidThru Twitter where I prove the PaidThru method to be much more effective than conventional ads


The entire platform runs off the concept of users getting paid for the value they provide online. I understood that already. When I started Twitter Giveaways, I began to build my community and I got to know some on a personal level through Telegram.

Through these eperiences over the last few months with Twitter Giveaways, Ive learned a few things.

Based on community, followers, engagements & overall organic growth in multiple networks & channels; I concluded the PaidThru Social method works extremely well.

I also discoverd how much it meant to many people and how greatful they are in return. This is simply done by providing online users the worth they deserve.


A huge influence for the vision of the exchange, was created through years of experience & also by networking and working with talented and successful entrepreneurs.

I cannot begin to understate the value you receive, when you network & collaborate with other motivated, business minded individuals. It provides realistic outlooks and strategies that are complex and require tremendous dedication.

Ive been humbled while being provided with enlightenment of Digital marketing & E-Commerce and the never ending strategies and techniques required to keep up to technology and new trends in order to succeed.

My desire is to use this knowledge and create a space that can facilitate the success of future entreprenuers and provide them with everything they will need to do so.

I have been fortunate to work with incredibly talented entrepreneurs. I have nothing but respect for these individuals, what they have accomplished in combination with their mindset, determination & their work ethic.



Ive known Adam since he started his 1st supplement store. I have watched him work his ass off to build a franchise from his store and as well as start Blue Star Nutraceuticals, now one of the Top Selling Supplements in the industry!

My facility was used frequently for his creative content and it was a great experience. I watched how professional and prepared he always was with impressive creative content. I was able to gain vaulable info of cutting edge digital marketing techniques & strategies.

I never charged Adam a cent to use my gym because what I was able to learn during that time was worth more to me.

Blue Star Content Filmed at Flynn Fitness

View Blue Star on Facebook

Watch Video Filmed At Club


Behind some of the Top selling Fitness products available online. Selling a program online may seem like a simple concept, unfortunately to become successful, is unimaginably difficult. I was able to gain tremendous knowledge and an inside look as to how their content was created and his brilliant, digital marketing strategies. Also including Digital sales & affiliate marketing.

Kyle Leon with Actor Nic Grimes At Flynn Fitness.

Kyle Leon Website

Content Filmed at Club


Former MuchMusic VJ & internet entrepreneur. I trained with Tim back in 2006 when he won a contest and was immediately immersed into television. Tim overcame a lot of obstacles to achieve success and continues to evolve online and is a good person. He was also kind enough to include me in a segment on National TV , back in the day..

Video of Andrew & Tim (MuchMusic MOD)

Tim Deegan Youtube Channel


I met these 2 when they were just 18 and starting out in the fitness industry. They were filming content with a supplement company in my club. If you want an example of what hard work, dedication and perseverance looks like, go through their social media profiles for the last 5 years. They have worked incredibly hard and have made intelligent decisions to achieve what they have through their online presence as well as owning their own Gym. If you stop and appreciate their hustle & study their content and work ethic, you could learn a lot.

Regan & Victoria @ Flynn Fitness

Regan Instagram

Victoria Instagram

Also in photos above, are Sam Dixon & Lauren Jacobsen , who are extremely accomplished and inspiring entreprenuers as well.


Coming off his 1st Year in the CFL, Nick worked at my club as a Personal Trainer. He broke records playing college ball, played in the Grey Cup & now runs a powerhouse team of realtors in this area. Nick is the type of person who literally does not stop working until he’s accomplished his goals. Nick has proven this over and over. Success is the product of hard work, not luck.

Nick Fitzgibbon Website


Miss Canada (2011) In 2007, she was gracious enough to film content with myself, for a downloadable program I was creating for online sales. She has truly capitalized on opportunities that are provided with intelligently thought out content & I’ve watched her path to success online. She has worked hard and deserves all her success in business and life.

Sara & I filming Content for online Fitness Videos

Vlogging Blonde Youtube Channel


I met Eren a few years back and although hes a lot younger than me, he is wise beyond his years and has had a positive impact on my life. His attitude is genuinely one of positivity and he helped me achieve something I didnt think was possible.

His work ethic is unreal, hes been successful in multiple ventures and he’s just getting started. He is an entreprenuer who understands the value of his community and his content reflects that.



The PaidThru Exchange is designed to offer immediate support & numerous benefits for all entrepreneurs who use it through unique opportunities.


Creators of tenfed.org are a perfect example. TENFED is their clothing line and with every item sold, ten people are fed(mainly kids) who desperately need it. I’ve watched how hard these 2 have worked.

I am proud to call these guys my friends. Kory & Mike are prime examples of amazing entrepreneurs the PaidThru Exchange welcomes and fully supports.

The PaidThru Exchange proudly supports and assists hard working entrepreneurs. PaidThru is intended to provide a platform to work in unison on a global scale through opportunities that are provided for each other online.

The PaidThru Exchange proudly supports and assists hard working entrepreneurs. PaidThru is intended to provide a platform to work in unison on a global scale through opportunities that are provided for each other online.


Being Interviewed on LiveTV (CityTv Breakfast Televison)

I was named as Top 40 Under 40 as well as Readers Choice awards in numerous categories, multiple years.

PaidThru.io ICO LAUNCH !

Although this has been years of vision brought to reality, my hopes are that the ICO represents the beginning of what will be offered through this project.


As I write this, the PaidThru Exchange Project is nothing more than an idea but the future inclusion was conceived while the exchange was created.

The project relies on memberships & volume rate in the exchange in order to begin. If this occurs, there will be an opportunity to assist great businesses, in struggling areas. Particularly ones that have been devastated, such as Puerto Rico.


Thank you to the PaidThru Community and EVERYONE else who has supported this project since Day 1.