Day 21 Week 3

Sunday the 14th of May, 2017

Morning: Creating to do lists allows me to organise myself and allocate appropraite time to tasks that I am required to compelete. I think organisation is key for the up coming week to control stress due to my busy schedule!

A picture of my to do list.

Midday: Today marks the last day of mediation that goes towards the implementation for this project. Todays medation gave me a sense of relaxtion and relief during the day. Though this marks the last day for mediation for this project, I strongly believe I’ll continue to use this mediation technique in the future due to the associated benefits I think I have gained in terms of relaxation tehcniques and controlling my thoughts that mediation provides me with.

Afternoon: I completed another mental health assessment as I was curious to see if there would be any significant change in the result I recieved. I did it this afternoon and to be completely honest there was only slight difference. But I honestly believe that I have taken alot more out of my research on mental health and implementation of various activities has provided me alot more understanding than I had had at the beginning of this process. I think such assessment found online should be given the benefit of the doubt and other more hands on methods of implemenation and education are actually quite successful.

Night: Putting my phone down early and ensuring I have an adequate of sleep for the busy week ahead. Going to bed early tonight is a way for me to relax and ensure I have a ready mind set for the week head and to avoid any moodiness in the morning.

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