Day 8 Week 2

Monday the 1st of May, 2017

Morning: This was the second time I did some mediation. This time I felt alot more relaxed and less worried about how to do it and if I was doing it right. Rather this time I think I focused more of detoxing myself of negative, stress thoughts and focused on breathing and letting my mind relax for 20 minutes. I think it was a really effective means of relaxation on a Monday morning of all days! By eating some avocado on toast afterwards made me feel energised and realxed for the busy day ahead at uni. This was essential as I had a presenation today. I think allowing myself to give my mind some peace, I felt less anxious about the presenation and it ended up running smoothly- with no need to stress.

Midday: During my lunch break I rang a close friend. This was really rewarding as talking to a friend who I have a really close bond with about how I was and how I was feeling after my pressetnationw which I had that morning and I was pretyt anxious about. It was really positive for my mental wellbeing to let someone know how it went and how I now felt relieved. Being in a good mental state at the beginning of the week is essential to ensure I have a productive week. My friend was more than willing to talk for abou 20 minutes. It was a nice diversion for a while and was great to catch up, reassure one another and gain another perspective other than my own. Talkining things our with one another helps in strengthening our relationship.

Afternoon: When I got home from uni today I completed some work that I was assigned from today. After I completed that I used two planners to write down everything I had planned for the week and upcoming tasks. By writing down the tasks, I’m identifying as well as reminding myself what I have to do. Writing things down will allow be to know that these things are going to happen so I don’t get a sudden surprise mid week and become overwhelmed. I find relief in writing things down as it gives me some certainty and goal for what I need to do in order to be happy with what I have achieved by the end of the week. Writing things down also reminds me of things that I may have otherwise forgotten as well as acting as a means of controlling and planning various aspects of my life so they can co exist harmonously.

My 2017 planner
Weekly planner I’ve been putting up in my bedroom- before I wrote down what I was doing this week!

Night: I read a blog called ‘The Student Minds’ on blogspot ( It was really interesting reading about other students experiences in terms of improving mental health and how they overcome challenges. Reading about other students and what they are going through (sometimes going through the same challenges as I am facing) is really encouraging in terms of apply new methods that these students have used, to my own situations such as overcoming the balance between work and personal life, maintaining overall physical and emotional wellness and espeically reading a article about the difference between stress and anxiety ( which I find most relatable when it comes to mental health struggle. Seeing how others deal with similar situations made me consdier how I can incorporate particular methods into my own life to improve my mental health.

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