Governor Roy Cooper

The governor of North Carolina is Roy Cooper — a former Attorney General and well-seasoned politician. Cooper studied at the University of North Carolina and graduated with a law degree. He returned to Nash County, his birthplace, to practice law and raise his family. After practicing law for a number of years, Cooper was elected to the House of Representatives in 1986, while still practicing law as a partner with Fields and Cooper firm. He was then elected as the Attorney General in 2000 and held the office twice. In what the New York Times called, “a surprise special session”, Cooper was elected as the governor after a battle against incumbent Pat McCrory. Republican have been working to limit Cooper’s authority as governor, starting with a new rule — his chosen cabinet member’s must be Senate approved. With a Republican majority in the House and Senate, Cooper won’t have nearly as much opportunity to instate or introduce new legislation. As a Democrat, Cooper has liberal leanings in policy and social reform. He is currently working to repeal House Bill 2 — controversial legislation that states that for businesses, transgender individuals must use the bathroom of their given gender. The state law mandates that people must use their gender’s restroom when it comes to schools and government buildings, but businesses are not included in the active law. Cooper is hoping that HB2 will be repealed by the end of February, to ensure that North Carolina is not kept from hosting the NCAA championship events. After a news conference on Tuesday, Cooper offered a compromise — a repeal of the ban, but also stricter penalties for bathroom crimes. He states that transgender individuals do not threaten the safety of others in public restrooms as that concern or argument is not logically valid.

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