21 times Anna was just Anna

A numbered tribute to a great gal…

1. The time she pronounced the word ‘baggage’ as bag-ag-ee in English class in Year 10.
What even are English???????

2. All the times in high school when she would backchat to teachers she thought were idiots, like the religion teacher, the photography teacher, the science teacher… every… teacher.

Anna ‘Attitude’ Henry. Couldn’t give a HOOT.

3. When she was a kid and she genuinely believed her mum ran over Big Bird with the car.


RIP Big Bird.

4. When her leaps in jazz class were simultaneously incredible and terrifying. 
She could basically fly.

5. When she was excellent at ripping her pants in P.E., dance… literally anywhere.

6. All the times she gave zero sh*ts about what anyone thought, not hesitating to tell them they were assholes.

Probs don’t cross her.

7. When she used to sing ‘Bubbly’ by Colbie Caillat non-stop in Year 7 and it drove everyone nuts.

8. All the times she sustained various (minor) injuries due to clumsiness and/or general reckless behaviour, such as crazy dancing.

9. All the trends she started in high school: safety pin bracelets, flower crowns, frilly socks, harem pants, flippy glasses…

“Anna your glasses are so cool, where did you get them???”

10. When she spent a lot of time making her own dress for the Year 10 Formal… and then didn’t even wear it.

Classic Anna.

11. Also when she had her hair and makeup professionally done for the Year 10 Formal… and hated it… but was too scared to say anything so she paid for it and left. Then redid all of it.

Still looked dang hot!

12. When she was close to obsessed with the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume. “Guys, there’s this perfume that I really love…”

13. When she went to great lengths to fight the black shoes policy at school, even meeting with the principal to discuss all the reasons why her brown brogues should be allowed.

She just wanted to wear her darn brogues!

14. When she was determined to win at the Stacker game at the local cinema, coming close many times, yet never winning before it was removed for good.
Never won the iPod, but the Troll doll was good enough.

15. When the automatic windows on her car broke, so she taped them up with a garbage bag and then drove through heavy rain, screaming.

16. All the times in high school when we had to get vaccinations and just the thought of it made her pass out. 
Such drama, much embarrassment.

17. When she also fainted while getting her nose pierced…

Anna isn’t great with needles.

18. All the times she wouldn’t fit in the frame when taking selfies and had to bend down because she was too tall.

At least your chest looks nice?

19. When she finally got Facebook, and gave us the quality content we’d been waiting for.

Thumbs up for ruined apples!

20. When she introduced everyone to the movie ‘Hot Rod’, providing us with a source of endless quotable material. 
You’re solely responsible for ‘cool beans’, Anna.

21. All the time — when she is the most fun, loving friend, a social butterfly, and adored by everyone she meets!

Happy 21st Birthday, Anna/Enna/Anan/Bomb!
Love you long time,
Ragge xxx

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