Life and Boston Hacks


  1. Make sure you eat fruit in a plastic container between 7–14 days because afterwards, you’ll likely see mold (tiny, white dots) and the fruit itself will feel depleted
  2. Same goes for milk, except it’ll taste sour or come out in white chunks
  3. Don’t buy fruit from CVS because it tastes weird and I probably shaved a few years off my life because I insisted on eating at least half of the container because I felt like since I bought it, I have to eat it
  4. Buy groceries, such as fruits, vegetables, milk, yogurt, and bread when you’re about to run out. Overprepare yourself when it comes to food like pretzels, chips, and cereal since they don’t expire within a week or two
  5. I tried putting my pillow cases and sheets in the freezer since I heard that it would be cold for me to sleep in. But since it felt like Hell was upon me due to the humidity, it worked for a second before becoming unbearably hot again
  6. If your phone gets filled with water because of stupid mistakes, try to get someone’s old phone and install the old SIM card by poking a small sharp edge into a tiny hole on the side, using tweezers to remove a rectangle-like section on the other side that contains the SIM card (for an iPhone)
  7. Try to talk to strangers, you never know what you’ll get out of it. A man coming home from work on the commuter rail taught me #2 in the Boston section
  8. If you do very bad at something, keep practicing. You’ll know it could be MUCH worse before you perform again and for some reason, you’re not as nervous
  9. Write down everything’s that’s happening in a journal. So many things will happen when you live in a new place during summer that you want to remember as much as possible
  10. If you make a GoFundMe page, reach out to news outlets BEFORE you release the page
  11. Be skeptical before working for a company that has one-and two-star reviews on Glassdoor with obviously planted reviews that sound too broad and aren’t very specific with experiences (maybe this is obvious for you but wasn’t for me)
  12. Talk to different people who have different perspectives. You’ll grow as a person


  1. There’s a farmer’s market near Fanueil Hall that I recommend going to if you’re going to be in/working by Government Center because the prices for fruit are DIRT CHEAP compared to Roche Brothers (NOTE: The guy who ran the market left by August but he was there in June and July and he only takes cash)
  2. NUMBERS TWO-FIVE ARE RELATED TO THE COMMUTER RAIL: Buy passes on the MBTA app and only activate your ticket when you see the conductor pass by you
  3. North Station checks passes more frequently than South Station
  4. Buy one-way passes other than round-trip passes just in case the conductor doesn’t check for a one-way trip
  5. Inbound = towards Boston, outbound = towards the suburbs
  6. If you’re taking the T (public transportation service in Boston), a regular ticket costs $2.75 but the CharlieCard costs $2.25 (and no charge for buying the card, unlike DC, which charges an extra $5 to buy the plastic card)
  7. Buffalo Exchange is a store where you can exchange your old clothes for money. Though they only accept new clothes that are in retail stores within the most recent year
  8. Check out Boston Events that Don’t Suck. It’s a calendar showing all sorts of events any day of the week in Boston and surrounding suburbs. That’s how I attended two really good Shakespeare plays (FOR FREE!!!!), had tea with a bunch of strangers, took a free boat cruise to an island twenty minutes away from Boston, got discount tickets for a Broadway Musical, etc.
  9. Don’t get a late flight back to Boston because almost all transportation back into the city from the airport closes at 1 AM and you’ll have to wait at least a half hour for a Lyft or Uber driver to pick you up (and the prices jack up because lots of other people are requesting a driver…)
  10. My personal cafe and restaurant recommedations are Flour Bakery + Cafe (the sandwiches are sooooo good) and the Little Donkey in Cambridge (what restaurant ever serves cookie dough for dessert?!). Though the Little Donkey always looks crowded, even late at night, so make reservations
  11. If you’re into exercise (I tried at first but exercise isn’t for me), you can pay $69 for a free 30-day trial at Barre and Soul in Harvard Square
  12. If you’re into doing or watching standup, check out The Middle East Tuesday nights and ImprovBoston on Wednesday Nights
  13. If you’re into vegan food or healthy food in general, Boston is your place. Check out Dig Inn, b.good, and Clover Food Lab.
  14. Speaking of b.good, if you fill out a survey online using the Tattle app, you can get a free side or smoothie
  15. If you want to stay in Boston during the summer and are a college student or just graduated, check out MIT frat houses. They may not be the most pleasant, but they are much cheaper and easier to get into compared to apartments in Boston. Though apply early (February/March) for your top picks
View of the Charles from the bridge that connects from Kendall Square to Charles/MGH
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