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What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here!

I hope that your day is going great wherever you are.

Over the past couple of days, I’ve gone through the transition of medication for my illness; Multiple Sclerosis. I’ve even had to STOP the medication I’m currently on, to prepare for something much stronger! Now, “Why am I open to share this?” The STRENGTH of the mind is much STRONGER than ANY adversity!

Hold on to that..

Most would say, “An illness is too much to bear,” but even in the midst of something unbearable, is something much GREATER! Wouldn’t you agree? Of course you would! We’ve got to STOP reacting negatively about the adversities in our lives. The things that we aren’t pleased with CAN CHANGE. The only other problem we have is OURSELVES! Think about it.

Everything you’ve gone through has affected you in some way. Right? Whether if it was good or bad, it stood as something you remembered. In fact, it was also something that you MANAGED to get through! You’re the ONLY person who CONTROLS your life. The things that happen to you, should be the things that ALLOW you to go HARDER for your success!

The PAST is something that will NEVER change. The only thing that will, is how you THINK about it! Seriously, you’ve got to take life as a VALUABLE lesson, and then STRUCTURE it for your greater good. Getting to better health, wealth, and prosperity is REACHABLE, but you MUST be at one with yourself first. You have to STOP letting your past affect your future!

Real talk..

I’ve battled violence, rape, and MS. Nothing will ever change that, but what has is, my MINDSET! I didn’t allow my past to result in my future! If there isn’t anything you remember from reading this, understand that your life is PRECIOUS! Anything that you set forth to do, should only make you PROUD! Don’t go another day without acknowledging it! Your past adversities are BEHIND you for a reason. Stop hanging on to them!

Just keeping it #1,000..

When you focus on things ahead, and not behind you, it enables CONTROL and GROWTH! So practice doing this daily, and have your thoughts written down. In a matter of time, something should gradually change! I STRONGLY believe that you’ll push through, and make things happen in your life. Reason being is, because I BELIEVE in you, and understand that you’re capable of necessary EXECUTION!

You’ve got this..

Know that I love you, and pray for nothing but the best! Understand that you’re more than a conqueror, and that your life’s adversities don’t stand a chance against your greatness!

Blessings & Peace,


Paige Starks is 23 yr. old motivational speaker who battles Multiple Sclerosis. Based off the number of adversities she’s faced — violence, rape, and hardship. Ms. Starks strongly believes that any adversity in life can be turned around for the better.
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