Why the fight for pro-choice still not over?

Since there has been abortion there has been a pro-life, pro-choice debate and whether or not abortion is a right for any woman or is something that women believe is their right. Currently in England and Wales termination is legal up until 20 weeks. Some people believe that this should be lowered

The choice to have a termination can be a complex one for many women, and for others it is one that may not need to have a second thought and that is ok. There is a judgment surrounding woman who choice to end their pregnancy, and the question we should be asking would we still have the same judgment if it were men who were the ones who were the ones who fell pregnant and had to go through the decision whether or not to terminate their pregnancy? We assume as a society that every woman’s end goal is to get married and raise a family, and for many women that is not the case, so when a woman choices to end her pregnancy they get pressured to justify her decision.

Although Abortion is legal here in UK, the fight is still not over, in many countries abortion is illegal and used to control and abuse woman and even young girls. Honduras is an example of a country that exploits the fact that abortion is illegal, here woman have very little rights, and in a country with the highest sexual violence rates in the world. In 2013 there were 2,851 reported cases of sexual violence and this statistics is only on reported cases, what about the other girls and women who are frightened into not reporting their case scared of the repercussions and the fear of what would happen to her or her family. Because abortion is illegal under all circumstances including procedures and emergency contraception girls as young as 12 are being forced to give birth and put their own life in danger because she is too young to safely bear a child, and if a woman is found to of have an abortion she faces a sentence longer than the person who has abused her, that is if the abuser is found guilty. Even if you are personally are against abortion, how can it be justified that a women who chooses to end her pregnancy because it was as a result of sexual violence is punished when the person who abused has very little or no repercussions and is free to repeat his actions?

A reason many people disagree with abortion and the identification of being pro choice is because of their religious believer. However, Pro-choice is not about making sure that every woman ends her pregnancy if it wasn’t planned, or if you identify as pro-choice that means you have either have or would have a termination. You can be pro-choice and still choose to never have an abortion. Pro-Choice is about giving women the choice to have an abortion in a safe place without risking their own live.

Whether you believe in abortion or not it is naïve to believe that if abortion was made illegal that it would stop women from terminating their pregnancies, instead it will force them to have back street abortion so making abortions illegal doesn’t save lives it actually put women’s lives in danger. In countries where abortion is illegal or only legal when the woman is in danger 37 out of 1000 women have abortions compared to countries where it is legal which on average have 34 women out of 1000 have abortion. A spokesperson from Marie Stopes told the Independent “ This study reinforces the fact that restricting access to abortion makes no significant difference to the number of women who choose to have one. Instead, restrictions make it more likely that women will turn to unsafe practitioners, whose methods range from counterfeit drugs to industrial poisons or wire coathangers. Every 11 minutes, a woman dies from complications related to unsafe abortion. In 2016, this is unacceptable and entirely preventable.”