You let her go.

She has a big smile, a large laugh, and beautiful spirit. But you let her go. When you did, you broke that smile, smothered her laugh, and crushed her spirit. You cause her more pain than anyone I know, and to know you are her mother makes me sick to my stomach. My mother and I didn’t have the relationship you and her had. Not even close to it. I was jealous of mother and daughters like y'all. She no longer has that, not because you passed, but because you are selfish. She craves your attention. She craves a phone call from you. Just to hear your voice. She feels replaced. She feels unimportant. Everyday I think about my mother and the relationship I wish I had with her. I can see in her facial expression how broken she is because you let her go. She has tried so hard to fix and change things. She’s been so busy focusing on getting to school, and finding a job. you wouldn’t know that because you don’t care enough to call her back or answer her text messages. She went wedding dress looking the other day. She found her dress and balled. She wasn’t crying tears of joy, but tears of sadness because her mother wasn’t there. Oh,how she wished you could be there. She was so excited to show you, but you didn’t answer her text. She feels so unloved because of you. That’s alright though, my mom taught me how to love when you felt like no one did. She is loved by me, my family, and my friends. I pray to God that one day you will realize how much you’ve broken her, and I hope the day you realize that you can come back and pick up the pieces and be there for her like a mom is supposed to be. I miss my mother every single day. I go through the motions and wish she was here. I know exactly how it feels not to have your mom around in more ways than one. This may be to extreme for some people, but you are still alive, doing extremely well. You are still able to walk, talk, and live. My mother and I have to talk to each other from heaven. Some people don’t get the luxury others do. So, please think about how you are treating her. Take into consideration some people can no longer be there for their mothers and daughters. Family is a gem you should treasure forever.