Observation Piece

As the darkness starts to fade in Boston, another day full of new experiences is about to begin. The blazing sun starts to peek out from behind the clouds and shines brightly in the sky. The summer breeze shakes through the trees. Birds are chirping softly from their nests which almost sounds like a song. Both the wind and the birds make the morning peaceful. As the day continues, the streets start to fill as people are headed out to being their day. Slowly the mellow daybreak is filled with so much noise. Horns start to blare as drivers express their rage. Trains start to soar down the tracks, occasionally stopping to pick up passengers. People stand on the street, looking left and right waiting to cross. The city has started to come to life. People pull out headphones and plug into their own world. But only a few steps away there is a calm side to the city. The Charles River flows by as society rushes to their next destination. Students in bright red shirts shuttle families throughout Boston University to show them what the school has to offer hoping they fall in love with the campus. Occasionally, a car will drive by and make hardly any noise. Individuals stop and greet their friends or will smile at the stranger that is walking near. The sound of laughter fills the area as crowds form, but still it’s calming. Only in Boston could you be walking through the busy crowds off to the next destination, and a few feet away hear the tranquil sound of the river. In such a small place you can be rushing to catch the next train or sitting quietly on a bench just watching the world go by.

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