Why You’re Obsessed with The OA

You can’t open your Facebook Feed without seeing someone talking about “The OA” … the stunning, gripping, spiritual sci-fi Netflix Original Series.

As someone who lives and breathes meeting people inside of their awareness in the pursuit of healing the collective — this is more than just a series to me, this is a masterful movement.

There are threads and entire groups dedicated to analyzing and theorizing. Asking questions we have never thought to ask before, sharing experiences, exploring, connecting over our obsession. It’s beautiful.

But WHY!?

WHY we are so obsessed!?

My knowing…

It’s because we know that story in our bodies, in our bones and in the deep, dark crevices of our soul (and our DNA, but I will touch on that later.)

The OA stirs us deeply for many reasons, many obvious and many NOT so obvious.

Because I move through the world with magic and live in the world of the not so obvious, it was easy for me to go THERE. To talk about the not so obvious.

But the OA requires more of me, of us.

So I will start with the obvious…

…it debunks the need for a divide and demands we look deeper.

It’s primal yet esoteric.

It’s relatable yet unimaginable

It’s comforting yet deeply uncomfortable.

That the angry, violent young boy is profoundly emotional and internally screaming for connection.

The miserable teacher who is out to ruin our lives is filled with pain and regret.

This means the parts of you that are seemingly at war, perceivably imperfect don’t make you broken, wrong or unbalanced…they make you whole.

And that you, as that WHOLE are deserving of forgiveness, love and connection.

Listen, there are approx. 23928319 different theories and ideas on what is happening in the OA (yes I live in the Facebook Group), what is not happening and what the ending actually means and even so… it is a whole, perfectly imbalanced work of Art.

The not so obvious?

The OA is evidence of our truth….

…. that we are not here to learn, but that we are here to remember.

The feelings you experience when you’re watching, that’s remembrance.

You remember what you already know….

That we can communicate with one another clearly without saying one word.

That we are infinitely powerful and capable of healing with words, movements and sounds.

And with that, I am going to touch on something I haven’t seen ANYONE touch on yet, that in my opinion, is every. damn. thing.

The resurrection seen in and of itself was an activation, a healing… an act of light language.

“Light Language is channeled Dynamic Frequency Encodings of Sound and Light that adjusts to the resonance of each person’s vibrational needs in the moment; initiating clearing, balancing, activation, and alignment with a new vibration of Wellbeing.

Light Language is an interdimensional language that is understood by all on a soul level. Your heart speaks Light Language fluently. Light Language always heals appropriately, as sound is wont to do.” (as Jayme Price clearly and beautifully describes.)

I channel light language and it is the most effective modality I use in my practice, so this was very obvious to me. You may not have logically understood what was happening but HONEY, your soul did.

When Prairie and Homer do the movements with the intention of escaping they are seemingly unsuccessful.

When hap leaves scott dead in front of prairie, I believe she does the movements with the intention of honoring scott, she has no idea the movements can heal. But she does them, from a place of love and service. Homer sees her and doesn’t want her to feel embarrassed or do it alone so he starts doing the movements to. Prairie is so angry with him for betraying her, she rejects him. He is SO hurt by that rejection — and this all being felt and communicated without sound through the movements. On the other side of anger is love… and in that moment of pure intent, deep love and service — they received the sounds and the movements to heal.

OUR souls healed in that moment. We remembered.

And it reminds us of our inconvenient truth (this where you experience the discomfort) that we have the power to HEAL, to RESURRECT, to CURE and to CONNECT.

That our unique gifts contribute to the greatest good of all.

Because IF that were true (it is) — that would mean we have a responsibility to one another. 
The OA is a mirror.

And it’s your responsibility to look at what it’s showing you. To remember.

Is there a particular scene that moved you? 
A scene that made you feel uncomfortable? 
A scene that made you feel seen, understood or held?

You want to know why YOU are obsessed with the OA — start there. You’ll start to heal yourself and the world when you do.