Fresh Start

Paige grant
Nov 3, 2017 · 2 min read

Lately in the innovations class at Noblesville High School, my group and I have been struggling with finding something we want to stick with and continue on, yet we do want it to be involved with music. I spoke with Don Wettrick the teacher of this class and he had given us this idea on creating blogs going over/interviewing smaller musicians on soundcloud and making blogs for those people. Hoping my blog will be successful, I would post them on my twitter and excpect for the people that check out my blog to look into the artist im mentioning. Mr. Wettrick said to me “just think if you interview someone thats small but actually good, and they someday go big. People would see that you were one of the first to interview him/her or maybe they would give you recognition for helping them get out there for other people to hear.” and i wasnt too sure about this idea until he had said this. Discovering music is something I love to do and so doing so, as well as helping out someone else, is something I feel I will stick with and continue on doing. I can already think of a handful of people that would look into my blogs and I can think of a even bigger handful of people I could try to reach out to. But as Mr.Wettrick would say, we have to start with the MVP first (minimum viable product). With that being said im going to start with two people im going to try to get in contact with. With the help of my sister, Spencer, we have found people on soundcloud with good material and not many followers and veiws. The first are two people with the name “Seasoned Souls”, they have 648 followers and their most views on a song is 20k listeners. The second isnt as big but I was impressed with the kind of music he was remixing/creating.His user on soundcloud is “asapzach”, He has 376 followers and his most veiws is around nearly 2,000 listeners on one of his songs. Before my next blog im hoping to have been sucessful reaching out to one of these two artist and getting time to talk to them about what they do, and also finding people who love discovering new music as much as I do, to follow my twitter account to where I will be posting my blogs. Im hoping to become sucesssful and to try and make others more sucessful.

Paige grant

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