Re-configure Bathroom Drawers to Maximize Space

There hardly ever seems to be enough space in bathrooms for all the items needed. There is clutter, it is difficult to find essentials, and many items end up piled on top of one another. A significant amount of time is spent each daily just digging through drawers to get what is needed or wanted. Instead of fighting an uphill battle, reconfigure drawers to suit the needs.

Several Possibilities

People can end the search for essentials every morning by organizing those deeper drawers. Vertical drawer dividers allow items to be stored standing up in thin compartments. That eliminates having combs, makeup, toothpaste, and other small items setting on top of each other in a deep drawer.

A top tier can be added to the main drawer to use the entire drawer space and still reduce clutter. The track and sliding tier can be added directly into the existing drawer. The new drawer moves independently of the main drawer so all items can be easily reached.

Pull out drawers can be installed for those narrow spaces between the vanity and the wall. Shelves hold items so they can all be seen for easy selection. This functions much like a sliding spice rack in the kitchen. Perfumes, powders, deodorants, and extra shampoo and body wash can be kept out of the way.

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How to Accomplish This

Some people leave the work to professionals and have custom bathroom vanities made to their specifications. The size and style of the bathroom vanity mirrors can also be customized. Keep in mind that can get expensive, depending on the size of the vanity and the number of drawers desired. It is much more cost-effective; however, than paying for a complete renovation of the bathroom.

People who are handy with tools can make re-configuring the drawers a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. Home improvement stores will have all the materials needed, and can provide helpful advice as well. Some drawer divider systems can be purchased at furniture stores or online for a convenient and inexpensive solution.

An economical alternative is to purchase individual plastic bins in the sizes and shapes that will accommodate the needs. Most will fit right into the bottom of the drawer for instant organization. Making tool holders to fit into deeper drawers are a way to keep bathroom appliances at the ready.

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