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I started thinking to myself maybe it’s a good idea to write. Journal entry’s are good right? I heard writing down daily thoughts in a journal is “healthy” for you — I’ve had a rough few weeks, I’m having a hard time finding happiness in places I go. I wouldn’t say I’m depressed, but I feel lost. I would hope I’m not the only person in their 20’s who feels lost and uninspired. Am I a brat for not wanting to work a 9–5 job? I can’t fucking do call centers anymore. That’s not who I am, I can’t sit in front of a desk with a computer having no motivation or creativeness. My mind goes crazy. I keep telling myself you’ll finish school soon and you’ll be where you wanna be, but its still hard to stay motivated or inspired, hoping you’ll actually make it to where you wanna be one day. That’s something I let take a toll on my day to day mood. It’s nice to always have an out or to have something you love to take your mind away from those things, for me it’s anything fashion and beauty.

On the bright side I got really inspired tonight. I think having creative sparks of inspiration are important. If you know me at all you know I find my inspiration in anything that has to do with fashion. Christina Paik; one of my favorite style icons/photographer, I love how she keeps it real when it’s so easy to become fake or so easy to not have your own opinion and just leap off of what others are saying, especially in the social media platform today. I read a post of hers that I had saved in my favorites awhile ago. She mentioned 99%is or 99percentis (Bajowoo) she explained how she had attended one of his fashion shows “The models all had cigarettes or beers in their hand.” & that when you came into the venue you were handed a beer. Bajowoo says “FUCK THE WORLD. CHANGE THE WORLD.” I was intrigued. I started looking up articles about him explaining how he got into what he loves and what inspires him. He said “Calvin Klein is too cool, I wanna do it uncool.” He doesn’t wanna be like the rest of the fashion industry and I appreciate that.

I want to start reading more articles on designers, anything Dior or Celine speaks to me. Have you guys seen the Christian Dior RESORT 2018 collection? That shit’s beautiful. No excuse to my language. The attention to detail and the unique pieces is insane. I was obsessed immediately as I saw the photos. I came across a piece on Instagram tonight and I started looking into articles once again, if you have seen this collection then you have noticed some of the amazing designs on the dresses, pants, skirts, etc. I learned that some of the designs are actually inspired from tarot decks, one of the main pieces was inspired by the death tarot card. That made the pieces 10x more beautiful in my opinion. P.S. Christian Dior is said to have had his cards read before each of his fashion shows.

After I've rambled on I guess my point is that even when you’re feeling like shit and uninspired like you’re not going anywhere in life or maybe your dreams aren’t realistic theres always little things like reading articles about people/things you love to see where they came from and where they’re going. Whether it be with music, fashion, art, photography. At least for me it helps remind me of what I love and I think that’s important, don’t forget what makes you happy. Even if its just babbling on about clothing/artists you look up to.

-Paige Janice

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