dear daddy,

from me being two years old falling asleep with you holding me in your arms , to being 15 years old wondering if you’ll text me to see what im doing but you never do. when you left my mom apart of me knew you were leaving me too, you told me you wouldn’t leave me too that you would still be there for me, you would pick me up on weekends and you did for 2 years , as the years got longer our visits got shorter, the messages that got left on read , i seen you a few times after but you never apologized for hurting me before any boy could,that’s not how it was supposed to work , you were supposed to be there for me for my first heartbreak, not be my first heartbreak , you promised you would see me I got my hopes up again & again, the thing that hurts the most is that you made me feel like you never cared , even if you did. I forgave you every time, every single time, you never apologized, I just forgave you.

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