8 Reasons Why Millennials Are Addicted to Social Media

Social media is everything these days. It’s rare to see someone not have a least one form of social media platform that they are using. When it comes to millennials, this is our life (for most I should say). Millennials use social media constantly throughout the day. Whether it is for their job, for fun or to connect with people. In today’s world you are seeing more and more people addicted to social media. When I say addicted I mean it would be very difficult for one to not look at their social media throughtout the day. You check it even if you just checked it a couple minutes ago. We don’t really think about that we might actually be addicted to it, but it’s so easy to do and I’m hear to tell you why millennials are addicted to social media.

1. We love to share, inspire and entertain

Our generation: we enjoy to share our lives with friends and family. We love to inspire others with the things we do in life. We love to entertain by what we post, what we do and who we are. We are in a world where we love to show everyone what we are doing. Even if its on Facebook and sharing what restaurant we are at. We love to share our lives with people.

2. We express who we are

We express who we are through photos, posts, shares, retweets, and stories. Whether that is posting a selfie in our favorite outfit or posting a picture hiking up Mount Everest. It doesn’t matter what we post we are expressing our personality and identity for everyone to see.

3. We want to show off the things we are doing

We want people to know that we are doing something fun or doing something that others would want to do. We want people to know that have a fun life, even if it’s just a ‘normal’ life. We enjoy sharing things that we do, but sometimes we do things just to post it on social media. Which sounds kind of silly, but our generation wants people to know that we have a fun and interesting life.

4. We get excited and feel good when we receive comments

This is not only millennials, but everyone loves to get comments on something they are proud of or something they enjoy. When posting a photo we check our phones constantly seeing how many likes we get or what comments we are getting. We love when someone compliments us. We need to feel secure in ourselves, so it reassures our self-esteem when people comment or complement our posts. Which is not healthy, we should feel good about ourselves regardless of what we are posting on social media.

5. We ‘like’ to connect with people and build relationships

When we like other people’s posts we want them to notice or want them to know what we enjoy what they are posting. Getting their attention is a way of connecting with that person. It is also a great way to gesture friends or family. We are a generation of building relationships. We want to have many relationships and a lot of people that we can call our “friends” or someone that we know.

6. We are afraid of missing out on information

We don’t like missing out on seeing things that people are doing. Whether it is someone famous or a friend or even someone that we don’t know, but we want to know. We check our media platforms constantly thoughtout the day to see if someone has posted something fun and interesting. We enjoy seeing what our friends and others are doing in their lives.

7. We envy someone who ‘’has it all”

We look up to people and envy people that have more than us or quote one quote ‘has it all.’ We see that person that has over a thousand or a million followers and want to be just like them. We try to mimic things they do to be like them. That is not only with social media, but with clothing, lifestyle, you name it. When you envy someone or want be like a particular person. You do things that they do. We often times obsess over trying to be like someone else. We need to be our own person.

8. We love to be inspired and entertained

A lot of times we love being entertained by others and love when we see fun and things that spark our interest. We are also a generation that has big dreams and aspirations. We want to be inspired, we follow people that we look up to and drive to do things to get us where they are.

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By: Paige Grunewald