7.8.15: B&W.

i’ve recently grown a passion for black and white photography. i think it adds a grunge-y taste…?

the water adds a little too much stuff but the tiger/lion looked cool so back off.

i recently drove to detroit with jennifer. i was really looking forward to this cause i knew detroit would be a cool place to take pictures (anything’s better than east lansing)…and cause i like spending time with her.

date time

no, the food is not photoshopped. i took this one from my iphone.

my checklist when coming up with date ideas usually consist of three things: nice view, good weather, and delicious food.

we were going to have a pretty heavy dinner so we wanted something light for lunch. we decided to get food from bucharest grill and take it to belle isle park so we could eat while looking at the detroit skyline.

don’t worry, the light turned green as i took the shot. i’m a relatively safe driver.

i call this shot, #2.

this was on our way to the guardian building but i missed the turn and the roads that could take me back to the building were either blocked or one-way. then my stomach started hurting cause i drank milk, so we rushed to a nearby burger king where i read…

bathrooms are for paying customers only

i then proceeded to make eye-contact with an employee that had seen me read that sign, but it was urgent so i just went. all was peaceful till i noticed that the toilet paper dispenser was messed up. i don’t really know how to explain the situation but imagine having to reach your hand into a vending machine through the bottom and pull a single piece of toilet paper, one.at.a.time. so yeah, that kind of sucked but overall, the day was awesome. thanks jennifer.

off topic but…

i’m slowly learning that sometimes, more often than not, i have to put the camera down and be with those that are around me. yes it’s great having the chance to #capturethemoment, but it’s also great to be able to experience it without any distractions.