Spiced Chai and Data Deals

by Michaela Findeis

Campus shut down has made things somewhat…interesting. We are incredibly close to the end of the road, and now it’s crunch time. That means meeting up on campus, using the computer labs and finalizing all of the niggly bits. However, with campus being shutdown, that has become difficult. We all need various information, video and audio files from each other in order to finalise our chapters, but the wifi isn’t strong enough to handle all of it. So we took it off campus and got to experience one of the local student hangouts for the first time. A good ol’, in person data exchange, accompanied by some yummy spiced chai crushes.

A lot of the work this week has focused on finalizing our infographics, logos and texts. This has proved to be somewhat of a challenge, as Saara and have some overlapping info in our sections and content has had to be changed, but we’ve worked it all out. Not to mention finding a recently published article that compromises some of the work, but all has been figured out. Now it’s just down to finalizing everything and getting the site up and running!

Watch this space, there is excitement everywhere.

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