No 1 knee pain treatment in Delhi

What is knee pain?

Joint pain can occur in any part of the body (any part). Living for long periods of time (staying for long periods of time), traveling or aging (old age), our knees goes bent or feel pain (pain). Which is called pain of joint or knee pain? Joint pain can be two types of joint pain Osteo and rheumatoid. Sometimes knee pain (the cause of knee pain) is because of the pain of the whole leg (pain in the whole leg). Joint pain can be in the knee (knee), nausea, neck(neck),left(hand)and hips.

When a joint breaks into a joint, the strips are rubbing one another it causes inflammation (swelling) and pain (pain) spread.

Reasons of knee pain

· Arthritis

· Bisitous

· Eroded

· Blood Cancer

· Age Factor

· Lack of minerals in bones

Symptoms of knee pain

When walking, standing, moving, and even while resting, pain, swelling and crepatitis, or joint lock while walking, stiffness of the joints in joints, especially in the morning or it can stay all day.

Remedies of knee pain

Boil 2 glasses of water and add half a spoon of turmeric (turmeric) and ginger powder in it. And this mixture shows 10–15 minutes on the shad. Put the honey in it (mixture honey) and consume it twice a day (medicinal syrup) twice a day (twice a day) and in a few days the result will be present in front of you.

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