Best Paintball Gun in 2018 [Reviews]

Top paintball guns review customized for you — with all the necessary information for players of different levels and needs in one place

Top Rated Products:

1. Tippmann 98 Custom
2. Empire Paintball Axe

In a search of the best paintball guide, you can easily get confused by a number and ambiguity of the reviews presented on the Internet. But with this review, it is no more challenging for you!

We closely investigated the paintball market and concentrated on top 10 products that are really worth considering before making the best decision on your purchase. In a huge product line ranging from the well-known Tippmann paintball guns to less popular but still good other paintball markers, the main point is to always remember your needs and articulate your own expectations before buying an exact product.

Since different product series serve for their own purposes, we’re here to help you both recognize your specific interest in paintball and find the best help-mate to achieve your victory in this game!

Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series Paintball Gun

Tippmann 98 Custom

If you don’t have a proper understanding of what your demands to the best paintball marker are, you can surely start with this model. That’s because flexibility is the strongest side of this Tippmann — you can even see it from the word “custom” in its title. Precisely, the design includes semi-automatic mechanism and plenty of upgradable parts that can guarantee you a truly customized service. This makes the gun easy-to-use, and numerous reviewers loved it and even agreed that this model is perfect for any paintball learner.


  • Timeless classics — great starter
  • Reliability
  • Easy-to-use
  • Adjustability


  • Necessity to buy extra options to upgrade the gun
Our rating: 5/5

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Azodin Blitz 3 HPA Paintball Gun Package

Azodin Blitz 3 HPA Package

A great option for the beginner level, Azodin Blitz 3 is a nice-looking and light paintball buddy that appears to be a great gift for a girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. We’re quite sure about it because it contains all the necessary features to enter the paintball world with no need to be afraid of breaking the gun in the very first day and spoiling the whole playing experience once and forever. Its streamline design, durable construction, and lightweight features help to make the owner of Azodin Blitz 3 free of all the interruptions during the game and assist even a hopeless learner to enjoy paintball easily!


  • Highly convenient for maintenance
  • Light and reliable


  • Makes rather loud sounds
  • Uses recoil too fast
  • Doesn’t have quick-clamp feed neck
Our rating: 4/5

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Empire Paintball Axe Marker

Empire Paintball Axe Marker

With a unique push-button bolt system, this model deserves its place among the best paintball guns and increases the level of professional purposes it can serve. Specifically, Empire Axe Marker will turn into your best buddy with its easy and accurate shooting, incredible consistency, handy appearance, and easy maintenance.

In addition, even the color choice of green and grey contribute this paintball marker to becoming an outstanding model, making it look both nice-looking and practical. Looks like the purchase worth its money totally — if you maintain the goal to win in all the tournaments, of course!


  • Unique push button bolt removal system for easy maintenance
  • Multiple adjustable firing modes
  • Extended grip frame


  • Slightly large airflowut
Our rating: 5/5

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Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker

Empire Mini GS

As the option that covers our review of the greatest paintball guns under 500 dollars, this enhancement of widely acknowledged Empire models surely deserves its place on our list of top paintball products.

In fact, its outstanding performance is guaranteed by rather specific features, like pressure controlled puppet engine and integrated break-beam anti-chop eyes. If you can call yourself a fanatic of high speed and gun comfort, grab this model ASAP and enjoy!


  • Enhanced composite clamping collet with a clamp of aluminum
  • The internal gas line for comfortable play
  • Softened flip-flop with self-lubricating function
  • Anti-slip rubber grip cover


  • Non-adjustable to other purposes any than already presented in the gun design
Our rating: 4/5

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Spyder Paintball MR100 Pro Pack RTP Kit

Spyder Paintball MR100 Pro

If you’re more strong in tactics than a strategy of the paintball game, this semi-automatic gun will surely turn into your best friend. With its little help, you’ll get an ability to shot faster than your competitors.

Moreover, this model is frequently mentioned in Tippmann Cronus reviews as the gun of the similar design and functionality, which makes it great for both beginners and intermediates and guarantees a high-quality performance. Finally, the special feature of this gun is a default double tap trigger that allows the player use it effectively in both speedball and woodsball modes.


  • Matte anodized finish
  • Aluminum side picatinny rail mounting system
  • Pull a pin top cocking delrin bolt
  • Quick disconnect pin


  • extra features for various roles are needed
Our rating: 4.5/5

Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball Marker Gun

Tippmann X7 Phenom

As a low-cost option in the wide Tippmann models range, this model appears in our list as a great deal you can get while searching for best paintball gun on the market.

Being solely mechanical, this gun is impressively effective by completely eliminating the use of recoil, operating below 300 ps, and guaranteeing an outstanding performance during the game in a competition with the owners of more sophisticated models.


  • Compact and lightweight aluminum housing
  • Internal gas line
  • Optional buttstock with expansion chamber
  • Biased fastening of the feeder for more convenient aiming


  • Solely mechanical
Our rating: 4.5/5

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Dlx Luxe Ice Paintball Gun

Dlx Luxe Ice Paintball Gun

The Dlx Luxe Ice Paintball Gun is the best paintball gun you can ever imagine. The bolt system is fully redesigned and effectively reduce the guns’ pressure. This marker proposes approaching 1500 shots per fill off of the same air tank. The new technology used for internal design will reduce tear and wear the gun.

All that you need is one single allen key to accomplish all of the maintenance for the entire reg. The electronics also got an overhaul on the new luxe. Updated connectors are all updated making it very easy to connect or disconnect any of the plugs on the board. The new connectors make it nearly impossible to mess up a connection.

Out with the old and in with the new! New milling of the entire body and frame made an already sleek gun even nicer. Amazing contours and design streamlined the look of the gun and give it an amazing look to match its performance.


  • Spool valve operation
  • Ion barrel thread
  • Ion feed neck thread


  • Extra high price
Our rating: 4,5/5

The Paintball Marker VS the Paintball Pistol

If you like to play paintball, this is a time to get own equipment. In the choice of one or another model, a marker is of great importance in the manner and style of the game. The weight of the gun and its length depend on your precedence. If you prefer playing in the woods, you should buy a long barrel and a large range marker. The tournament game assumes the presence of the best paintball pistol with a high rapidity of fire. It should be noted that cutting trunks are the most accurate, but they are presented in rather expensive models.

Tippmann TiPX Paintball Pistol Marker Gun

Tippmann TiPX

Of course, we could not eliminate the representative of Tippmann model line in our overview of the best pistols. As it’s already in reviewing this brand, this high-quality, effective and easy-to-maintain buddy can satisfy the most sophisticated player mind. Among the exemplary features of this specific model that makes it worth buying, consider the fair compactness, semi automatic super fast firing, and small under barrel rail convenient for carrying the accessories.


  • The pneumatic principle of operation
  • Semi-automatic firing mode
  • The rate of fire up to 5 balls per minute
  • Additional holder


  • The CO2 cap is too hard to close once a new co2 cartridge is placed inside
Our rating: 5/5

JT ER2 Pump Pistol

JT ER2 Pump Pistol

If your friends are interested in playing paintball and you want to try it long ago, you should know what to do first. It could be quite a challenging task to choose a first paintball marker. The JT ER2 Pump Pistol is the best idea for you because of low price and high functionality. This is a pistol designed especially for beginners. The JT ER2 Pump Pistol is easy to use and running on disposable bottles.

The marker has an ordinary caliber. It has 30 paintballs reservoir. The best idea to use it is to play paintball with friends in the special areas or even backyards. Moreover, the JT ER2 is suitable for children.


  • 68 caliber pump marker
  • 3 reusable paintball 10-round pods
  • Barrel plug for safety
  • 30 paintballs


  • The paintballs sometimes do not fly straight
Our rating: 4.5/5

Kingman Training Eraser 11mm Marker

All the features of the Kingman Training Eraser are contained in an aluminum and polymer pistol body for a lightweight, ergonomic design that can take the abuse of harsh use and environments. The gas cartridge loads independently of the magazine, and this allows to get more air efficiency and less bulk.

Kingman Training Eraser is equipped with the latest breakthrough the reversal striker valve system into a life-sized marker. It gives a true simulated feel and weight in comparison with the real hand pistol. The Kingman Training Eraser is perfect for recreational simulation environments and military, police, and security training practice.


  • Magazine loads through the grip
  • External velocity adjuster
  • High visibility three dot sight system
  • Quick release striker bolt
  • Rubber grip panel


  • Need brand balls for perfect usage
Our rating: 4/5

How to Pick the Best Paintball Gun for You

You should choose a marker which is the most comfortable during the paintball match. A lot of paintball enthusiasts, by the way, have several markers for all the kinds of the game. In principle, this is a great idea because in such case every game would be more interesting. There is a great variety of the paintball games. Speedball guns, woodsball paintball guns, recball guns and milsim guns are used to play them.

Woodsball is a separate kind of the paintball game. The player can use any format of the marker. This is possible because every player can choose a tactical role and choose the appropriate kind of marker. You can add to your marker the extra features such as telescopic sight, stock or more accurate barrel if you choose the role of a sniper. So, the woodsball markers usually are sold with the basic configurations, if you would want to modify your gun.

Speedball paintball markers are small, so they will not present a large target.They are used during the tournaments. The construction of the up to date electro-pneumatic markers allows following each league’s basic rules. According to the rules, the players are eliminated if they or anything they are holding or wearing, including their marker is hit.

The recball gun or recreation paintball marker is used during a paintball game with your friends. In such situation, you can establish own rules. So, for the game, you can choose any kind of markers you want to get and agree on the choice with your friends. Your game with your rules.

The Milsim guns are used for military simulation paintball games. The Milsim markers make the game much realistic. In contrast to speedball markers which are used as equipment for sports tournaments, the milsim guns are more like reenactments and immersion groups.


Which Guns Are Suitable for Beginners?

The marker is a pneumatic gun for paintball, which operates under the action of compressed gas. Markers could be pomp, semiautomatic and automatic. Pistol guns require a shutter release after each shot. In the semi-automatic marker, the trigger after the shot itself returns to its start position, without requiring a manual build. This type of rifle is best for beginners. Automatic markers are very convenient. After pressing the trigger, balls of this gun fly off a continuous stream until the feeder is empty.

Which Gun Brands Are the Best?

The brand is always important. If it is a well-known company, you should trust its reputation, and their products are reliable. You can look through a lot of information and feel confused after that. You should pay attention to the brand’s history. Since 1986, Tippmann has been the premier designer and manufacturer of high-performance paintball markers and accessories for players worldwide.

Which Gun Is the Most Accurate?

If you want to have a good game, you should have the most accurate gun. This will help you win a match. One of the most reliable paintball markers is Empire Paintball Axe Marker. It is easy to maintain because of a unique push-button bolt removal system. With the multiple adjustable firing modes, you can choose any role in the game. The extended grip frame makes the usage extra convenient.

Which Gun Has the Longest Range?

You can have a lot of different paintball markers for various types of game. Sometimes it is useful to pick a special kind of marker for the particular game. If you cannot allow yourself to buy a few guns, you should choose a gun with the longest range. This is Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball Marker Gun. It has an internal gas line, optional buttstock with expansion chamber and biased fastening of the feeder for more convenient aiming.

Do paintball guns hurt?

The answer might surprise you, but anyway don’t let fear of potential pain prevent you from enjoying the paintball game. Getting hit with a paintballon is a risk, espacially when we are talking about sensitive body areas. But modern equipment allows you to avoid injuries, neglecting high speeds, close range, etc.

How much does paintball guns cost?

Prices start at approximately $100. Our recommendation is Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Gun — the perfect product for beginners under 200 dollars. The Gryphon features a rigid front grip, 10” ported barrel, and blade trigger with a smooth trigger pull.

So, is there something left to say?

In the end, we hope that buying paintball gun is no longer a problem for you. As you can see from this review, the key things you should consider before going to a paintball store are your own interests and the expectations you aim to fulfill during the game. In any case, it’s an entertaining competition, so your gaming style and the environment you’ll be surrounded by are critical.

Moreover, as you could easily notice in our paintball gun review, certain gears, like Tippmann 98 Custom, are universal and top quality in terms of the most of criteria, while the other ones, like Kindtrain Training Eraser 11mm marker, are very specific and provide you a competitive advantage if you recognize and know how to use such peculiarity. Of course, your playing level — beginner or intermediate — is also important; you should know how to use your perfect gear.

But the most important is still enjoying the game. And remembering during the whole process of paintball experience — from choosing the gun till winning the game — is the most accurate buying advise we can give and the greatest secret weapon revealed.