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Dec 15, 2017 · 5 min read
Tippmann A5

The favorite game needs great equipment. Every really paintball fun should have own marker. One of the best ideas is to choose the Tippmann A5. It is something like 98 Custom but better. Even if you are a beginner and feel confident about your passion to paintball, you can buy it. Tippmann A5 is also good for those who would want to improve their gun in future. This marker supports a wide range of upgrades and modes.

The Tippmann A5 is the next generation after the trustworthy Tippmann 98 Custom. If you want to upgrade your paintball weapon as well as you want to buy your first marker, this will be a perfect choice.

The package also includes the awesome air-powered hopper system that does not rely on batteries and the Tippmann’s patented cyclone system. You will get the possibility to shoot 15 balls per second, besides it uses the same air that fires the gun and the action is fabulous. The balls will not break anymore because of new upgraded E trigger system. This means full-auto rapid firing. The high-performance feed system which is out of the box, so you do not need any expensive modifications.

Extra Reliability

If eventually, the ball breaks inside, you can field strip the Tippmann A5 in under 2 minutes without using tools. This is extremely fast and easy to disassemble and clean this marker after a few times of practice. The Tippmann A5 is like the Ak-47 of the paintball world. The A5 is the most durable, reliable and has the best customization options among all of the markers on the market. This marker can be used for years without upgrading. Moreover, there are tons of easily replaceable parts if you need to change some details. You can get those parts at A5 parts replacement kit for $10 instead of choosing a new paintball marker.

The Tippmann A5 is built for ages like the 98 Custom. It is constructed with a durable metal frame. The other parts of this gun are made from high-quality plastic. As you guess, the A5 is heavier than other markers, but at the same time this feature makes it more realistic and, of course, this is the additional sign of reliability. If you like to play Milsim games, you will dig the feel of the true weight when combining it with a replica body kit. The balls will not ever become chopped or jammed within the internal system because of the cyclone hopper system.

What About Tippmann A5 Speed Rate?

The standard 8.5-inch barrel offers an effective range of about 150 ft and is a part of the Tippmann A5 package. You can do a quick upgrade attaching an A5 barrel to 98 Custom for additional range and accuracy. If you want to make your A5 better, you can add an extended 14” barrel for better accuracy and range. The Apex 14″ extended barrel provides a wide range of spin, drop and curve options. All of these tips make your shooting style perfectly. The Tippmann A5 is one of the best markers in its’ basic package, but it also can be upgraded if you need an extreme precision. The front foregrip provides a stability along with the extra weight of the metal frame.

The semi-automatic fire mode, provided with the base model, guarantees a fire rate of 9–15 balls per second. Actually, the speed depends on how fast you can pull the trigger. You can add the highly praised E grip or response trigger systems if you want. However, the 9–15 balls per second fire rate is an excellent one for scenario and woodsball players. To make this marker more suitable for the speedball players or close quarters tactical combat the company provides the E Trigger. That feature provides the single shot of full auto firing modes.

How Can You Make the Tippmann A5 Even Better?

You can choose among a lot of body kits for A5 to make it look like the real gun. It doesn’t matter if your favorite gun is the AK-47 or MP-5 SD or even assault carbines like M4A1. The Tippmann A5 E Grip provides an ability to switch between the single shot and full auto on the field. This is a great advantage for cover fire situations and close quarters tactical combat. However, you can have a need to add an electronic hopper feed despite the built-in cyclone feed system. The main features you could want to upgrade are the E trigger, body kits, and optics.

Most Popular Tippmann A5 Accessories:

  1. BT Apex 14″ extended barrel
  2. Tippmann A5 E Grip (allows full auto)
  3. Tippmann A5 Flatline Barrel
  4. Tippmann A5 Response Trigger
  5. 21″ Sniper barrel for Tippmann A5 (amazing for snipers/support players)

You can upgrade the Tippmann A5 because of a lot of additional accessories. The Tippmann A5 provides a wide range of upgrading possibilities like most of Tippmann paintball guns. The base level gun is a fantastic mid-high and paintball marker. If you want to make your paintball gun more suitable for your favorite type of game you can upgrade your kit over time and tune your Tippmann A5.


Tactical mechanical marker Tippmann A5 is suitable for wood paintball. It looks like the submachine gun HK MP5K. The marker is equipped with a Cyclone Feed System. The system connects the supply of balls with the air system. When the speed of pressing the trigger increase, the speed of the balls is increased by the Cyclone feeder. These results in better shots. Declared by the manufacturer, Tippmann feed rate of 17 balls per second, you can install an electronic pen. It is an excellent tactical marker. It has a fascinating accuracy of firing even with the base barrel. Suitable for modernization even in the field. Buy a marker Tippmann A5 for playing paintball can be both beginners and paintball clubs funs. The package includes a feeder, so the price of the marker is appropriate.

The Tippmann A5 is one of the best mid-range guns on the market today. You can use it for years because of an extremely reliability and a wide range of additional upgrading options. The Tippmann A5 is a perfect choice for intermediate players as well as the enthusiastic beginners. It is suitable for almost any style of game. A lot of professional players are still using their A5’s after they have got into the sport. What is more important is that this new equipment won’t break your bank account. You can choose among several bundles and packages which are available online. You can get all the essential gear at a fantastic discount and, moreover, there is a bonus for those who need to grab a mask and air tank. The Tippmann A5 is the right paintball gun for you without doubts. If you once see someone with this marker at the field, you should ask to try it. You’ll see, that gun is worth its’ price.

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