Invest in Startups — to get the most from your hard earned capital

We don’t just believe in raising funds we believe in long term business relations. We find startups with ingenious and aggressive business ideas which may have incredible potential and caliber to achieve new horizons and are smart enough to sustain in the competitive market, thus enabling our investors to invest in Startup on equity based investment and take stake in these Startup companies with online investments offered with the promise of

What makes Microinvestors different from big players in the market is the ‘risk’ which is less and divided among the crowd of investors, therefore making microinvestment a positive way to crowd fund a Startup or a running business, Microinvestment has opened doors for risk free investments where everyone can now become an investor and can invest in Startups.

The best advantage to invest in Startup with ANGLEPaisa is its Ecosystem which offers connections, research, deal flow, mentoring, money management and everything & anything which may be needed by a startup or a running business to survive in the long run and sustain their position as leaders in the competitive market.