Making High Jump National Record, Ravi Aspires to Represent India in Olympics

Ravi Teja, a 2nd year student of Christ university, Bangalore is an enthusiastic sportsperson and a high jumper. He made an equal record at the national level in 2013 by jumping 1.92m high and won many medals & certificates at the state level for Karnataka. Later, He also made High Jump state level record of 1.95m. He has a strong determination for his sport & did not give up at any stage of his life. In practice sessions, he has set his own record of 2.02m, now he aspires to represent India in internationals track.

Lets see the inspirational journey of this sportsperson through his life.

1. Representing the state for high jump how do you feel ?

I feel very prevailed & satisfied for representing my state at Nationals. Track and Field have given me more preference and encouragement. Now I have dreams to represent India at International Track and field championships. After representing at nationals, I have got confidence and motivation that I too can do something. After taking part in nationals I understood the importance of a National Track and Field Championship. From then, I keep encouraging and motivating many budding athletes. I thank my parents as they are standing as my backbone for my sports career.

2. How did you choose High jump and not any other sport ?

High jump is a beautiful and very attractive sport. I wish High jump gets good promotion in India as many people get scared of this event because of its technical learning. I was a volleyball player but I didn’t get so much exposure what high jump is giving. I never chose High jump, high jump accidentally came into my life.

Ravi Teja during high jump:

3. Describe your experience of state level tournament ?

We don’t have tournaments instead we have championships and meets. When i started participating in state level competitions, I didn’t have much knowledge about the sport. I was a beginner & won state silver medal which gave me a lot of motivation and self confidence to train and take part in more competitions. I felt nervousness in couple of state championships as I was scared of experienced senior athletes. Later I realized that experience alone wont help you to be a champion, Hard work and self motivation are the main keys to make us winners or successful athletes.

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4. When did you break the record of high jump on national level? Tell us about it.

I broke national record in 2012–13 by jumping It was the time when I was at my peak. I worked a lot and had lots of time to plan for it. I was a beginner that time, so I was more nervous but still I managed to make an equal meet record. After that competition, I got many opportunities to perform in many national championships. Currently, I am focused for the next upcoming All India Inter-University which is to be held at Coimbatore.

5. Do you think these kinds of sports don’t get much importance in India?

We all know, in India people are the most crazy for Cricket. Many athletes do get demotivated very soon because they work a lot on and off track but they do not get more publicity and recognition that a cricketer gets. I guess if there is more and more media support to all Indian athletes, they will get more encouraged and give their best performances at Olympics. Then the people can expect medals without blaming anyone.

6. Any plans of participating in Olympics or Asian games or any other international platform

I do have goals to represent India in Olympics and Asian Games. I wish I get a chance to get trained abroad to get more more and more techniques and training for meeting the international high jump standards. I wish I get proper justice for my hard work, with that note I’m working day and night on my practice sessions.

Originally published at Student Stories.