“Youngest Entrepreneur Of The Year 2016”, Founder And CEO At Only 20, Ayaan Chawla

Ayaan Chawla is the founder, and CEO of Asian Fox Development at only 20 years of age. After completing his secondary education from Delhi Public School, he wanted to completely dedicate and invest time towards entrepreneurship and took a decision of quitting regular schooling, continue studies and complete his higher secondary education through ‘NIOS — National Institute of Open Schooling’, where he had the opportunity to give exams and not to go for regular schooling. Now, Ayaan is planning to pursue higher education along with his business.

1. Firstly, tell us briefly about all your companies and what is your business all about?

Established in 2011, ‘Asian Fox Developments’ is an awarded & leading global corporate company, which serves more than 100+ IT, Web & Marketing (products and services) and manages over 1,00,000+ enterprise, SMB, SOHO, retail and individual customers & users across multiple geographies. ‘Asian Fox Developments’ is a group of businesses, that develop innovative mass-market IT, Web & Marketing — Products and Services. The company has done projects for Corporates, Industries, Individuals & Start-ups worldwide including Movies, Government, Army, Politicians, etc. All the businesses have been profitable from inception. This business has been setup without any borrowing solely from organic funding.

Asian Fox Developments’ holds three other brand names as below:

Global Web Mount’ — Domain & Hosting company.

Mind-In Advertising — Marketing & Advertising agency.

‘Group For Buddies’ — Social & Professional Utility where people can connect with friends and also look for some professional opportunities.

2. Out of all your companies, which one do you consider closest to you and like the most. Why?

As a Founder & CEO of all the organizations, you can never choose one because all of the ventures are equally closest and I believe if an entrepreneur does not like his own venture, then that venture cannot be successful.

3. How did initial years go when you were still in the process of growth?

It was “tough”. But as it is said that, you’ve to do hard work to achieve something bigger and better. So, in initial years I’d to skip my sleep, sometimes work for 60/70 hours at a stretch and it still happens but occasionally. I feel when you see increments in your success, at that time you never feel anything tough or exceptional at work. It’s all in our mind!

4. How has life changed for you after being so successful?

It’s been a great opportunity to meet business leaders, ministers, presidents of other countries and be in the magazines, newspapers, news portals. Being awarded as ‘Young Entrepreneur of The Year’ and titled as ‘India’s Youngest CEO’, receiving greetings from Bollywood celebrities over social networks and having Appreciation Letter at Prime Minister’s Office (India), all means something very special to me.

5. Who has acted as your inspiration through the years? Why? Which quality of that person do you follow the most?

My mother ‘Ms. Kunjam Dandona Chawla’, she has been the main source of inspiration and motivation because of her hard work, principles and values, courtesy, patience and everything about her. I’m really thankful to my mother, that being a single parent she understood my dreams & capabilities at the initial stage and allowed me to enter the world of entrepreneurship. Else in the outer world, I observe & admire every person because each one of them has unique qualities. To name few, freedom fighter “Mahatma Gandhi” who taught the nation that you can achieve anything, being non-violent. Shri. “Narendra Modi” Prime Minister of India who has shown that you can become anything and change the nation, it doesn’t matter where are you from, what you wear, what you eat, the future can be built better. Business tycoon & philanthropist like “Bill Gates” & “Melinda Gates” who understood the social responsibility and founded ‘Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’ which helps millions of people across the globe. The Business magnates like “Ratan Tata” and “Mukesh Ambani” who maintained the legacy of their family businesses, innovated and touched new milestones. There’s a list of many more, so learning good qualities is my habit.

6. What has been the part of your parents in the growth of your business? Did they ever disagree with your decision of building an empire?

I’m son of a single parent, my mother (Ms. Kunjam Dandona Chawla), she was a fashion designer and doesn’t belong to IT industry. Before entering into business, in 2011 I took Rs. 10,000 from her and it all started. At that time, due to the age of 13 years, there were some legal restrictions, so I requested her to be the Chairman of the organization she fulfilled the same till I turned 19. But, I always want her blessings with me because she’s the lucky one for not only me but for everyone, so she’s now the part of the Advisory Board at ‘Asian Fox Developments’. She’s a parent (both mother & father) who always understands that what another person is capable of, it’s not always about what society thinks even though we’re family oriented people and a closely-knit family of three me, my elder sister and my mother.

7. All your initiatives are closely related to IT and Internet. How important do you think both these things are in the current scenario?

IT and Internet industry have evolved in some past years, the consumers market has grown extremely large. The industry has created jobs for millions and also provided technology that simplifies the human living and businesses to grow. I feel social media needs to be used gradually & carefully.

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8. Also, you took a road less travelled by at your age. How much do you think studies are important or is this a mere hard work on an idea?

Studies are most important and that’s the reason I never quitted the same as I just passed 12th standard and pursuing further in parallel with business. Education gives people the ability to be more efficient, and people have to understand that education has no limits. It’s not only within the boundaries of educational institutions or about being more competitive as it’s not a race. It’s about learning new things that helps us day to day & in future, our education system has to be more interactive & motivational, educational institutions have to understand that students are not liability they’re assets.

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