MEAN Stack

Use single language JavaScript in your application. Seems to be cool!! That’s where MEAN Stack comes to picture.

MEAN Stack has Four Main parts namely MongoDB as a database, Express as Web Framework, Angular JS as a Front-End Framework, Node JS as Server platform.

If you are new with above four technologies, then you have to learn about these technologies. Here are the links Nodejs, MongoDB, Angular JS. In order to get started install npm(Node Package Manager) in your system, it makes installation easier in JavaScript world. For install npm check this website.

You can use MEAN generator and Yoeman(Web Scaffolding tool) to build MEAN application. It will create a initial repository and set up necessary libraries needed.

You can refer some online videos like, youtube videos to get started initially. If you catch up stuff, then it will easy to you to build dynamic web applications.

You can refer this webpage, where you will understand more about MEAN Stack

If you need any help or any clarification. Message me