My First Contribution to open source project.

I am passionate to contribute to open source project for a long time. Finally I have done that, now I have confidence that I can contribute more in up coming days.

This Post is for First Time Contributors. You will be having lot of questions, which project to select, where to start, how to contribute, What to do.

My First select a project which you are interested, if you have no idea then select a programming language in which you are familiar like Java, JavaScript(Angular, React), Ruby, Python, etc. You can check this cool Grab Me website to see open source projects in different languages Grab Me.

Select a Project which suits you where you can add new functionality or some changes which you could like to make or solving some issues in the project. For solving issues you can view the Visit page in Github Projects. You can comment to open issues to take up the issue.

Follow the below steps for Forking, Cloning and Contributing to the projects.

Create a GitHub Account

Fork the Project which you are gonna contribute by clicking Fork button above the project in GitHub. Consider the project where you forked as parent repository for that project(becoz I will mention parent repo hereafter). After Forking you will be able to see the project in your GitHub Account. you have clone or download option in your project. Clone the project from your repository as

  1. git clone <<your repository link>>

Add your original project repository as remote upstream so that you can fetch latest changes using 2. git remote add upstream <<parent repo link>>. Fetch the latest changes from the parent repo using 3. git fetch upstream. Set upstream as your master using 4. git branch — set-upstream-to=upstream/master master.

After step 4, create a new branch in your project where you can make changes 5. git checkout -b <<branchname>>.

Now you are good to make your changes. After making your changes, test it using tool suggested. Once everything works fine the add changes to Github 6. git add .

7. git status(check your changes is present ot not).

Commit your changes using 8. git commit -m <<“git message relevant to your changes”>>. Once you have committed the changes, then you push 9.git push origin <<branch name which you created initially>>.

After pushing your changes, you will be able to see the create pull request option in your repository. Create a pull request based on the instructions provided the author of parent repository.

Heyyyy… you are done. Follow these 9 steps in order to contribute to open source project. Good Luck.

If you have any doubts or clarification Message me

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