Lettre ouverte pour que les transports en commun lyonnais n’oublient pas leurs usagers.

Il suffit de voir un reportage sur le transports en Chine ou en Inde pour en être convaincus : nous autres Français, hormis lors de quelques mouvements sociaux, nous sommes plutôt gâtés en matière de transports publics. Puis un reportage sur le Japon nous convainc, au contraire, qu’il nous reste beaucoup à faire pour être au top sur la question. Voici donc un panaché de critiques constructives, en toute amitié, pour nos chers TCL.

Un conte de vents glacés et d’automates manquants

L’histoire se passe lors des premières journées vraiment froides, vraiment pluvieuses de cet automne 2019. Sans surprise, les bus lyonnais sont pris d’assaut, tout comme les abris-bus. …

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Maybe one of the most prominent qualities of a developer is the ability to pick the right tool for the right job, without hopping into bandwagons nor reinventing the wheel. This might require a bit of technology watch, but even more, a touch of critical thinking.

Here is a review of a few exaggerated trends and underrated niceties, in different areas of the marvelous world of computer sciences: databases, asynchronicity, cryptomoneys and data formats. I won’t come back on the subject of REST webservices, which I already ranted upon in great lengths.

As usual, your feedback is more than welcome if any factual errors slipped into this (not entirely unbiased) article.

Let software tooling check the consistency of your roleplay scripts for you!

(French version of this article available here on Electro-GN)

The sources and documentation for Pychronia Tools can now be found on the Chrysalis game data repository.


Every writer will confirm it to you: it is not easy to remain coherent when you are working, for several months, on a long story. It is even less so when the story in question is lived by dozens of characters, each with their own partial vision of the truth. And live action roleplay games (LARPs) are especially exposed to this problem.

The danger does not lie in the first draft of the writing: if he has all his ideas well in place, the author does not risk much, except for a few typos and interchanges of names. …


Pakal De Bonchamp

Software Lover & Tales Writer

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