My Personal Organization System — How I Organize My Life


The past 6 years of being an entrepreneur has been an incredible journey for me. I’ve had opportunities to work on many projects and talk to many successful individuals. Needless to say, I’ve been completely exposed to the outside world. And throughout these journey of occasional victories and frequent defeat, I’ve come to understand that most of my failures are caused by the lack of perspective, my inability to see the full picture due to stress, and at times, mostly due to my state of mind.

  • Maintain good health, relationships and overall happiness
  • Empower me to work effectively and efficiently
  • Turn crazy dreams into reality
Flowchart of my personal organization system

Dealing with Chaos

Before I talk about how to best deal with chaos, I think it’s important to understand that there are two main sources where chaos comes from:

  • My Mind

So how do I manage my phone?

Cut Notifications, Turn on DND, Manage your Inbox

My phone is the most important tool in my life, and it’s probably the same with you. It’s powerful, convenient, and it’s the central hub of my communication. Therefore it’s ever more important that it is well managed.

My WhatsApp: I pin my Braindump and my company chat here. Archiving everything else!
  • Do not disturb when working
  • Manage your inbox!

How do I manage my mind?

2 Minute Rule & Braindump!

In order to develop a system to manage my mind, it’s important to understand how my mind works. Inspired by David Allen’s GTD’s system, I’ve come to realize that my mind is amazing at coming up with connections and ideas, but it’s bad at remembering them.

My Braindump on WhatsApp

Organizing the Braindump and Unarchived Chats

The good news: all your thoughts are safe in your braindump and all communication threads that require your attention are here. Bad News? They are not organised and it’s messy.

This is an example of what my braindump looks like!
  • Deliverables: the place where you can keep track of what you need to deliver and when.
Asana Deliverables for My Personal Board!
Evernote Notebooks

Managing your routine

Having a set routine is very important, because it allows us to temporarily neglect and forget about random things while we focus on the work at hand.

  • Organizational Routine
  • Reflection Routine

Functional Routine

Functional routines are designed to simply get work done.

Organizational Routine

Organizational routines are designed to organize information chaos.

  • <Bi-Weekly> Note Organization Meeting

Reflection Routine

Reflection Routines are designed to for me to reflect on my life on a higher level, which is independent to the organization system.

Blocking the Schedule

Now that all the routines and deliverables are clearly defined, it’s time to do “Time Blocking”.

  1. First, block out all of the routines.
  2. Then, block out all of the meetings.
  3. Then, block out all the lunch time for the next 3 days.
  4. Pick the most important deliverable: Draw a simple work plan, estimate time / effort for the deliverable.
  5. If the deliverable takes less than 30 minutes to complete, or if you are waiting for someone else in order to be able to complete it, add it to Todoist instead of your calendar. If it takes more than 30 minutes, see step 7.
  6. Block out work for your deliverable for the following three working days. If your deliverable can be completed with the scheduled time slots, then mark the deliverable on Asana, as ‘blocked’; If your deliverable will not be completed even after the scheduled time slots for the next three working days, mark the deliverable on Asana, as ‘blocking’.
  7. Once you are done blocking out the time for your most important deliverable then do the same for the next most important unblocked, or blocking deliverable, until your next three days are completely full.
Calendar! Block it, Block it til it’s full!

Taking Action

Now that you have a clear work schedule, and a Todoist that you can follow, it’s time to get to work!

  1. Dealing with Chaos on your phone
  2. Complete Habits on Habit Tracker (*Will talk more about that later)
  3. Read & Learn
  4. Active Braindump-ing
My Habit Tracker (Productive)


Before I officially conclude, let me make a controversial statement: “A busy life is a wasted life.” — Francis Crick



Inspire and empower people around the world to be the best version of their authentic self — 啟發並成就他人,成為最好最真的自己

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Pak H. Chau

Inspire and empower people around the world to be the best version of their authentic self — 啟發並成就他人,成為最好最真的自己