5 Things to Keep in Mind When Wiring Your House

Just like we need a bike/car/airplane/boat/hot air balloon or legs to get from one place to another, electricity needs wires. And just like the engine of a car determines how quickly you get from one place to another, the type of wire determines the quality of the flow of electricity to your homes. Therefore, beware do not blindly rely on outside help for addressing the general wiring needs around your house. Take an informed decision Here are 6 vital things to keep in mind when wiring your house..

1. Hire an experienced electrician:Make sure you hire an experienced electrician to wire your house. Good wires can only do so much if they’re stuck in all the wrong places. You can own a Ferrari, but there isn’t really a point in having it if you don’t know how to drive.

2. Abiding by the local laws:Make sure you and your contractor are aware of local laws pertaining to electrical wiring (Yes, they have rights too). Not abiding by these laws is not only illegal but is also very dangerous since most of these laws ensure safety. Just look at it as the requirement to own a driver’s license before you can legally drive. (Electrical wiring is starting to sound more and more like driving a car, isn’t it? )

3. “A Walk to Remember”: This refers to a time when the structure of your house is up and you’ve hired a competent, professional electrician. Once that’s done, you will have the first walk through your house with the electrician where he’ll introduce you to the complexities of wiring a house. Hence, the title. (You honestly thought we were talking about the movie?). This walk however is VERY important. Because this is where you will visualize what goes where in your new home and tell the electrician where you want electrical inputs and sockets. Based on that, he will lay down the wiring of the entire house.

4. Plan for the future. Don’t make the common mistake of wiring for your current needs in mind. Ask your electrician to leave you with some room to maneuver, for an changes in the setup of your house in the future.

5. Getting extra sockets installed: Always keep extra electrical sockets. Just like ice cream, you can never have enough of those electrical sockets. Therefore, it is advised to ask your electrician to wire in a few extra sockets that may come in handy later.

If you’ve followed all the steps mentioned above, by now, you will probably start seeing light at the end of the tunnel. If you don’t have a tunnel in your home, then you can see that light in any other room as well.

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